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Natures Way Pomegranate Standardized extract. With 40% ellagic acid from a pure, whole fruit source to maximize its antioxidant benefits. Pomegranate has showed promise in breast, skin, prostate and lung cancer. It has also been used to help with cardiovascular health, including arteriosclerosis, cholesterol and blood pressure. Contains a higher antioxidant capacity that vitamin E. Each 1 capsule contains a 200mg pomegranate extract (whole fruit), providing 40% ellagic acid, in a base of 150mg of pomegranate seed. 60 vcaps

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Nature's Way


60 Vegicaps

Common Uses

Pomegranate may assist in a wide range of conditions from cardiovascular diseases including arteriosclerosis, cholesterol and blood pressure, various types of cancer and many conditions linked with the causative factors of oxidative stress such as: the ageing process, abnormal blood clotting, crohn's disease, colitis, inflammation, cataracts, chronic fatigue, emphysema, male infertility, MS, dementia and Parkinson's Disease.

Suggested Dosage

1 capsule twice a day with food or water.

Health Information

Pomegranates historical use

Medicinal use of pomegranate dates back to ancient Greece and China, it is a fruit that has been revered throughout Asia and the Middle East for thousands of years. It has been found mentioned in Egyptian medicine papyrus dated as far back as 3000 B.C.

It is recognised as a symbol of fertility due to its many seeds and has been used for many conditions including inflammation, rheumatism, parasites and sore throats.

Only recently has modern science begun to catch up with understanding some of the amazing benefits of this fantastic fruit.

Pomegranate an Antioxidant

Recent research has substantiated pomegranates traditional use by proving that extracts of the fruit and seeds posses powerful disease-fighting antioxidant activity. Pomegranate may assist with reducing arterial plaque formation and protecting the body from the potentially devastating ravages of excessive cellular "free-radical" damage.

Nature's Way extract uses the whole fruit which is high in minerals and fatty acids.

Dr Aviram's Research on Pomegranate

Based on recent studies that have been carried out in Israel by Dr. Aviram and his research group, pomegranate has been shown to have many benefits for improving cardiovascular health. Results from these studies have shown LDL cholesterol reduced while HDL was increased. There was also an overall reduction in LDL oxidation by up to 90% and arterial plaque was reduced both in human subjects and in mice.

Pomegranate and cardiovascular health

Pomegranate was shown to inhibit ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) resulting in a drop of the systolic blood pressure and patients with pre-existing cardiovascular disease showed improvement in a wide range of physiological measurements and pathological signs compared to control groups.

Pomegranate contains OPC's

Recent research also indicates pomegranate may be helpful in the prevention and treatment of various types of cancer such as breast, skin, prostate and lung. Pomegranate contains anthocyanidins and proanthocyanidins (OPC's), which are both potent antioxidants.

It is also the richest source of ellagic acid a type of polyphenol which is another potent antioxidant and has many health benefits including encouraging apoptosis (programmed cell death) and the ability to counteract carcinogens (synthetic and naturally occurring), preventing them from converting normal, healthy cells into cancer cells; and also by binding to endogenous DNA, thereby preventing its mutation by various carcinogens.

Pomegranate has especially shown promise in breast cancer specifically triggering apoptosis in breast cancer cells while leaving normal breast cells largely unaffected. Dr Aviram's research has shown that pomegranate juice contains a higher antioxidant capacity compared to vitamin E and tomatoes and some three times higher than green tea and red wine.


Ingredients per Vcap. Pomegranate extract (whole fruit), 40% ellagic acid 200mg, Pomegranate (seed) 150mg. Other ingredients: Cellulose, plant derived capsule.


Keep out of reach of Children. In all cases of ill health, seek professional advice before self prescribing.

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