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DLPA 500mg


Solgar DLPA is a powerful low-toxicity pain reliever due to its capacity to elevate the body's pain killing hormones endorphins. Endorphin deficiency is found in addictive withdrawal states (alcohol, drugs) & may help with panic attacks, anxiety & depression. 500mg. 50 Vegicaps

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50 Vegicaps

Common Uses

Dramatic results have been reported using DLPA, in patients suffering from a variety of chronic pain conditions, such as: Chronic pain, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Whiplash, Lower back pain, Premenstrual cramps, Migraine headaches, Joint pains, Post-operative pain, Neuralgia, Addictive withdrawal states (alcohol/drugs), Shingles & Herpes Pain and Depression

Suggested Dosage

1 capsule daily, or as directed.

Health Information

What is DLPA? DLPA is one of the essential amino acids that the body cannot make, but must obtain through the diet or as a supplement. It does not exactly kill pain; rather, it helps protect the endorphins. DLPA works by inhibiting the activity of enzymes, which breakdown endorphins, thereby effectively increasing the activity or half-life of endorphins. Endorphins are our natural painkillers in the body. The effect of endorphin is from 15-50 times stronger than that of morphine. For chronic pain, dl-phenylalanine (DLPA) has been found to be safer than, and as effective as, commonly prescribed or over-the-counter drugs. This amino acid can help clear stubborn pains as well as depression and offers hope of freedom from formerly "hopeless" aches and disabling inflammation and distress. DLPA is very long acting; its effects can last up to 3 - 4 weeks after stopping treatment. Another interesting fact, which makes dl-phenylalanine a preferential pain reliever, is its ability to be selective. While it effectively blocks long-term pain, messages of short-term acute pain (from burns, broken bones and cuts, etc.) are still sent to the brain, so that the body's natural defence mechanisms are not hindered. Clinical Applications with chronic Pain Studies indicate that proper dosage schedules are important to achieve results. Tablets generally available contain 375 mg of dl-phenylalanine and any recommendations below this refer to this standard form. Since many subjective factors (physical, mental and emotional) are involved in the individual's experience of pain, "proper" dosages may vary from person to person, or even from time to time for the same person. A program should be continued until a substantial amount of pain relief results. This could happen within the first three to four days or could be delayed for as much as three to four weeks. If no substantial relief is noticed in the first three weeks, the initial dosage is doubled for an additional two to three weeks. If there is no response at this point, the treatment is discontinued. dl-phenylalanine (DLPA) is not effective in all cases, although only about 5-15% of users do not benefit. It is more likely that pain will diminish within the first week of use. Dosages can then be reduced gradually until a minimum dosage requirement is determined. The dosage should be spread throughout the day. Often, the determined dosage schedule will involve only one week of supplementation in the month, while others may need to supplement on a continuous basis. Benefits of dl-phenylalanine therapy dl-phenylalanine is non-addictive. Pain relief becomes increasingly effective over time, without people developing tolerance. There are no significant adverse side effects, mental or physical. DLPA has very low toxicity. dl-phenylalanine can generally be combined with other medication or therapy to increase benefits, without adverse interactions. dl-phenylalanine has a strong anti-depressant action. dl-phenylalanine provides long lasting pain relief, which continues for up to a month, without medication of any kind. Headaches & long term and persistent back pain A typical treatment schedule starts with 375 mg of DLPA, three times daily with meals (usually within five minutes from the end of the meal). If pain still persists, the dosage increases to 750 mg with each of the three meals. The treatment is discontinued when symptoms are alleviated. This nutrient is apparently non-habit forming. Most people using this therapy find that they can reduce their dosage and even stop using it for some time.


Each 1 capsules contains DLPA (as DL-phenylalanine) 500 mg. Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Water


Keep out of reach of Children. Caution. dl-phenylalanine is contraindicated for people with phenylketonuria and during pregnancy or breast feeding. People with high blood pressure should take DLPA only after meals. Some people become overly excited or jittery after taking DLPA. However, ingestion on a full stomach seems to overcome this.

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