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Shark Squalene

Shark Squalene

Deep Blue Health Shark Squalene, made in New Zealand by Deep Blue Health. Shark Squalene is a natural compound obtained from the sharks liver. New Zealand deep sea sharks live in extreme conditions. They live in waters up to 1000m deep, without sunlight and with very low oxygen supplies. Sharks are able to live in such extreme conditions due to their liver, which accounts for 25 to 50% of their body weight. The compound squalene found in their livers is the key to their efficient use of oxygen. Squalene in the human body is believed to carry oxygen to all cell tissues. Therefore, Shark squalene supplementation helps improve the quality of life by providing support to the organs. Plus, shark squalene has been referred to as the "natural antioxidant or natural moisturiser" which helps the skin get the nutrients that it needs. Shark squalene is also a modulator of immunity to infections. Deep Blue squalene is sourced from the deep waters of New Zealand and is a powerful supplement for general health and for maintaining health skin. It is produced through environmentally sustainable methods. In other words, is it the by-catch product of commercial fishing managed under the New Zealand quota management system (QMS) 100 soft gel capsules

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Deep Blue Health


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Common Uses

Squalene has long been extracted from Shark Liver Oil as a potent health tonic;

  • Squalene makes-up 35% - 40% of the oil from shark liver
  • Squalene is a lipid compound that is the key to the shark’s efficient use of oxygen
  • Squalene in the human body is believed to carry oxygen to all cell tissues
  • Shark Squalene is thought to be a modulator of immunity to infections.

Deep Blue Health Shark Squalene is a polyunsaturated fat and a strong antioxidant to help maintain energy levels and healthy soft skin;

  • Energy levels
  • Maintain cells
  • Skin health

Suggested Dosage

1-2 capsules daily. Many people are prescribed a higher therapeutic dosage, especially those having radio or chemotherapy. However, always seek professional advice, if a higher dosage is going to be taken, as more is not always better.

Health Information

Squalene Shark liver oil is a by-product of the commercial fishing quota of shark as a food source. What is meant by this is that the oil in this product comes from sharks livers who have been caught with normal fish quotas, not fished for specifically to then harvest the oil from their liver. Thanks to the activities of marine researchers we now know a great deal more about the sharks and their role in the ocean. Of special interest is the length of their lifespan, with some species living more than 70 years.

Powerful resistance to disease

Sharks have demonstrated a powerful resistance to disease and significantly for us, almost never develop cancerous tumors, which are so common in other species and today, more common still in man. In fact, a major research institute in the USA which has studied more than 25,000 sharks over a period of 25 years has found only 1 case of a shark with a malignant tumour. Obviously this finding has created interest in scientific circles and the result of the research into this phenomenon has revealed that the source of the sharks powerful immunity to disease appears to reside in its liver, and is particular the special oil which is found in the liver of deep sea shark species.

Squalene and Immunity

For many generations of fisherman and sea-goers Deep Sea Shark Liver has provided both nutrition and healing power. Interestingly, although sharks have a relatively primitive immune system, they demonstrate a powerful resistance to disease. Now, research has revealed the source of the deep sea shark’s remarkable fortitude. It appears to come from the unique combination of oils in the liver. Deep Blue Health Shark Liver Oil is extracted from deep sea sharks which typically inhabit cold, non-polluted waters off New Zealand.

Deep Blue Health Shark Liver Oil is a naturally non-toxic dietary supplement. The oils are readily absorbed by the body and pass easily into the cells with no known adverse effects. Deep Blue Health Shark Squalene is extracted from shark liver oil and offers powerful health-giving properties.

New Zealand’s remote position in the world works to our advantage. Livers from sharks caught in tropical waters (as opposed to deep sea) do not appear to have the same levels of beneficial nutrients. It is the extreme cold, high pressure and generally harsh conditions that force the liver to produce carbon compounds that allow sharks to thrive in the deep dark depths of the ocean.

Deep Blue Squalene

In addition, some lesser brands of shark liver oil may be of poor quality, due to inappropriate methods of transport, storage and processing, not to mention inhumane catching practices. On the contrary, Deep Blue Health Shark Liver Oil is extracted under strictly controlled conditions. Minimal oxygen, temperature and light exposure ensure the production of a high quality, stable oil that comes with eco-friendly credentials.

Deep Blue Health Shark Squalene offers many health benefits and is naturally free from heavy metal contamination.


Each soft capsule contains: Shark Squalene (99.9%) 1000mg, and encapsulating materials.  No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Keep out of reach of Children. Store in cool dry place below 30 degree. Not recommended to be taken by young children or persons suffering from or prone to coronary problems or as recommended by health practitioner. Do not take if you have an allergy to seafood. If pregnant or breastfeeding check with your health care professional before taking.

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Deep Blue Health


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