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B-Stress Free 60 Tablets

B Vitamins with Calming Herbs

Good Health B Stress Free Adrenal stress support. A special formulation of herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals specifically selected for their ability to support the body's response to stress. Panax ginseng has traditionally been used for its restorative effect in cases of physical or mental exhaustion and during times of stress. Contains B Vitamins, licorice, passionflower and lemon balm. Slow release B Complex. 60 tablets

Updated formula. Now with Lemon Balm (Melissa)

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Good Health


60 Tablets

Common Uses

B-Stress Free is a slow release formula designed to help with the effects of stress. Stress symptoms can vary from irritation, anxiety to fatigue and insomnia. Adrenal exhaustion is the progressive decreased functioning of the adrenal glands. These are the glands that release adrenaline in a stressful situation. If the stress becomes regular, the adrenal glands can become over loaded and directly affect our body's ability to respond properly in stressful situations.

Other symptoms of Adrenal exhaustion include shaking hands, erratic blood sugar levels, low blood pressure levels, depression, cravings for salt, sparse body hair, poor memory, an intolerance to alcohol, waking at 4.30-5am, wide awake. These are just a few of the many symptoms.

Suggested Dosage

Adults: Take 1 tablet daily with food (after breakfast), or as professionally advised.

Health Information

Do You need extra Adrenal Support?

The adrenal glands are triangular shaped organs resting on top of each kidney. These glands have many different functions in the body, including the synthesis of cholesterol for conversion into steroid hormones, the synthesis of hormones which travel to specific organs to help counter stress, the maintenance of salts and water in the body, as well as the digestion of food, but especially carbohydrates, sugars and protein.

There are 2 parts to the adrenal glands the cortex and the medulla. The adrenal cortex helps to maintain salt and water balance in the body. It is also involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and the regulation of blood sugar. The cortex produces a number of sex hormones from the 'mother hormone' DHEA.

The medulla of the adrenal gland produces the hormone epinephrine, also called adrenaline, when the body is under stress or stimulated. This hormone speeds up the rate of metabolism in order to help cope with stressful situations, Fight and Flight.

What affects adrenal health?

The functioning ability of the adrenal glands is most often impaired due to excessive use of cortisone & steroid treatment (asthma inhalers, nasal spray, prednisone etc) for disorders such as arthritis, eczema and asthma. Long term use of cortisone drugs causes the adrenal gland to shrink in size. Adrenal cortical failure is also caused by pituitary disease and tuberculosis.

Some people (typically those who are an A type) can over load these glands, so they may no longer function properly. Normally each gland weighs about 5 grams. In conditions of stress they can shrink and become smaller or when they are overworked, they can become 4 times larger. The adrenals can become damaged from continuous stress, which goes beyond their ability to recover from, before the next stressful period comes along.

Is there a typical profile of someone who will suffer with Adrenal Exhaustion?

Yes. People with adrenal insufficiency are the type who usually lead a fairly stressful life. If they also worry a lot, are fatigued or if they do not eat well and have low nutritional levels, these poor glands will not be able to cope.

The profile of a person with under active adrenals includes a person who is meticulous in their work. They tend to be perfectionists who often drive themselves to exhaustion, since they are unable to relax easily. Sluggishness and a lack of concentration can occur just before lunch when their blood sugar level is low. Severe personality and emotional changes can occur, but in most cases these are reversible.

The skin on these people may be thickened and their nails may be brittle. Their blood pressure is usually low or subnormal - 105/60 or less. As well as this, these people can be the ones who get swollen ankles, which are worse in the afternoon and at night, that then return to normal after a good nights sleep. Other symptoms found in 75% of people with adrenal insufficiency include fatigue, nervousness, anxiety and irritability, feelings of depression, muscle weakness & or pain, light headedness and headaches, cravings for salt, PMT, allergies, sparse body hair, poor memory, confused states, feelings of frustration, fears and an intolerance to alcohol.

Is diet important for Adrenal Health?

Your diet is essential, if you want to support your adrenal glands and feel better. It is vital that people who suffer from adrenal problems stick to a strict dietary regime that eliminates rapidly absorbed carbohydrates & sugars. This includes sweets, cakes, junk food and biscuits and foods made from white flour. Eating these causes a sudden rise in blood sugar, with a subsequent sudden drop. Small meals that are correctly combined, as well as small snacks of nuts (almonds) between meals, is advisable. This will help to prevent the drop in the blood sugar levels, which occur two to three hours after eating. A protein deficient diet, with emphasis on simple carbohydrates, especially refined sugars, depletes adrenal function and fails to restore adequate nutritional support to these glands.

How can we support adrenal function?

There are three main things which will over load your adrenal glands, causing them to release adrenaline. These include: Stimulants of any sort. This includes tea, green tea, coffee, cocoa and anything with chocolate in it, nicotine, soft drinks like coke, V etc, alcohol and any pharmaceutical drug which contains caffeine. Your adrenal glands do not like a diet which is high in carbohydrates and low in protein, as this causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels and hence an adrenal response. The third thing your adrenal glands do not like is when you miss meals, as this also causes fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. To support adrenal function you need to support blood sugar levels.

To do this, eat like this: Eat within ½ an hour after waking and then each 2 ½ hours throughout the day. Each main meal must contain a cupped palm full of protein, with 1 ½-2 cups of carbohydrates. The carbs should be made up of whole grains and vegetables. Also ideally have salad vegetables & or a stir fry. Each snack needs a level palmful of protein and a small carb, like a small fruit. If you are waking at 4-5am, you will also need a protein drink approx ½ hour before bed.

Avoiding these foods can also help

These foods should be avoided - alcohol, caffeine, cocoa and tobacco, as these substances are highly toxic to the adrenal and other glands. Stay away from fatty meats, such as ham, pork, fried foods and highly processed foods, soft drinks, sugar, white flour and refined salt. These foods put unnecessary stress on the adrenals. Consume plenty of fresh vegetables, particularly green, leafy ones. Brown rice, legumes, olive and safflower oils, nuts, seeds, wheat germ and whole grains are healthy additions to the diet. Eat deep water fish such as salmon and tuna at least 3 times a week.


Ingredients per 1 tablet. Vitamins: Vitamin B1 50mg, Vitamin B2 16mg, Vitamin B3 100mg, Vitamin B5 100mg, Vitamin B6 25mg, Folic acid 132mcg, Vitamin B12 25mcg, Vitamin C 100mg, Vitamin E 10 IU, Biotin 25mcg, Choline bitartrate 25mg, Inositol 25mg. Herbal extracts equivalent to dry:  Passionflower top flowering herb 500mg, Lemon balm leaf 1500mg, Licorice root 200mg.  No added gluten, egg, dairy, wheat or yeast. Vitamins can only be of assistance if the dietary intake is inadequate.


Keep out of reach of Children.  Possible interaction with high blood pressure due to Licorice. Use with caution. Not recommended for people with fluid retention. Possible interaction with Lemon Balm, use with caution with underactive (Hypo) thyroid. Suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding at moderate doses.

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