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Hoki Omega 3 90 caps

Premium quality concentrated fish oil, yielding a higher level of DHA & EPA. By concentrating the fish oil in this product has a total Omega 3 content of 40%. This is made up of at least 10% EPA and at least 27% DHA, more than twice the DHA of the vast majority of products on the market. This oil has been molecularly distilled and also tested to document the virtual absence of all environmental pollutants such as PCB's, dioxins, pesticides and heavy metals and then enhanced with Vitamin E to optimise the shelf life. Pharmaceutical grade. 90 soft gels


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Oils for Life


90 Capsules

Common Uses

Research has shown that Omega 3 fatty acids have a role in maintaining heart health by improving blood flow, promoting health blood triglycerides, supporting blood pressure, supporting a regular heart rhythm. In maternal health it has been found to be essential for infant brain and visual development. As well as this, DHA is important for maternal mood management. 20% of the human brain is made up with DHA. Research results indicate that EPA is an anti-inflammatory agent. Studies suggest that it helps to reduce inflammation by improving fluidity of joints thereby reducing stiffness associated with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Other studies have shown that EPA & DHA have anti-inflammatory effects in conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease.

Suggested Dosage

Suggested Adult Use: 2 soft gels daily, with meals or as professionally prescribed.

Health Information

Why Omega 3? Omega 3s are unique polyunsaturated fats.

There are three main types, each with their own structure and physiological function. They are: Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA), Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) & Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA).

Omega 3 fatty acids are good and essential to our bodies and need to be part of our daily diet. In our current diets we consume too much Omega 6 compared to Omega 3. Instead of a balance of 4:1 Omega 6:Omega 3 the ratio in the developed world ranges from 8:1 to 20:1

The high intake of Omega 6 is from the consumption of fast foods, cereals, whole-grain bread, baked goods, fried foods, margarine, and others.

A high intake of Omega 6 is bad for your health as a by-product of its breakdown is pro-inflammatory compounds. The by-products of Omega 3, by comparison, are anti-inflammatory.

Omega 3s have a long proven history of providing health benefits, particularly in the areas of heart, brain, eye, joint and immune health. Omega 3s are nutritionally essential as our bodies cannot make them and they must be acquired from our diet.

Why Fish Oil Omega 3? Fish oil is the best source of EPA and DHA, the two fatty acids that are linked with the health benefits listed above. Omega 3s can also be obtained from a number of plant sources.

However, ALA is mainly sourced from plants e.g. Flaxseed oil. ALA, the precursor for EPA and DHA does not have a main physiological function in the body other than as a building block for EPA and DHA. The body needs to convert ALA to EPA and DHA. The conversion is not a straightforward process and is inefficient. In this case, conversion to DHA is less than 2%. Flaxseed oil also contains high (15%) levels of Omega 6 which may exacerbate the imbalance. Fish oil Omega 3s are delivered as EPA and DHA ready for use in the body.

Why Concentrated Omega 3? Molecular distillation is used to concentrate the key components of the fish oil. This results in a higher concentration of the effective fatty acids EPA and DHA, delivering health benefits. National Institutes of Health recommend that healthy adults should consume 650mg per day of DHA and EPA. "Oils for Life" delivers 700mg per daily serving (2 x capsules) - typically 160mg EPA and 540mg DHA per serving.

Why New Zealand Omega 3? Not all fish oils are equal. The majority of fish oils on the market are foreign sourced and are generally a blend of oils from anchovy, sardine and mackerel sold as salmon oil. "Oils for Life" Omega 3 concentrate is sourced from Hoki, and is molecularly distilled in New Zealand to produce a high quality product. Hoki, a species found in abundance in New Zealand waters and one of the few sustainable managed fisheries in the world, is a species that has a naturally higher Docosahexanoic Acid (DHA) to Eicosapentanoic Acid (EPA) ratio.

Concentrated Omega 3 (>40%) This is an excellent source of Omega 3's in a form that the body can readily utilise. Concentrated Omega 3 esters contain a high level of DHA as well as a good level of EPA. DHA has been shown to be critical in infant brain development. As DHA is sourced from the mother through the placenta it is important that mothers maintain an adequate level of DHA in their diet. Research has shown a range of benefits in a number of areas such as reduced risk of heart disease, easing of joint pain, improved cognitive function, improvement in skin suppleness, and overall well being. Oils For Life Omega 3 supplement utilises state of the art molecular distillation to produce a product high in Omega 3s - DHA and EPA.


Natural refined Hoki (macruronus novaezelandiae) fish oil concentrate, soft gel (gelatin, glycerin), d-Alpha tocopherol. Each 1 capsule provides: Total fish oils 1000mg, Total Omega 3 is 440mg consisting of EPA 80mg, DHA 270mg and other Omega 3 is 60mg.


Keep out of reach of Children.

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Oils for Life


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