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Gencydo Hayfever Nasal Spray

Gencydo Hayfever Nasal Spray - 20 ml

Weleda Gencydo Hayfever Nasal Spray. For allergies & sinusitis. Fast and effective relief from hayfever, allergies and sinus symptoms. 100% natural lemon and quince extracts reduce irritation and runny nose, strengthen mucous membranes to increase resistance to allergens. Can be used during pregnancy and with other medication. 20ml

New packaging, but the same great formula.

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20 ml

Common Uses

Hay fever, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. Well tolerated, No rebound congestion, No side effects such as insomnia or dizziness, Can be used in pregnancy, Can be taken with other medication, No propellants, Free from synthetic preservatives, All natural high quality ingredients, Made to internationally recognised pharmaceutical standards.

Suggested Dosage

Adults: Apply 1-2 sprays into each nostril, 3-5 times daily.

Children who can sniff in, approximately 6 years of age: Apply 1 spray.

For maximum benefit, begin treatment twice daily, 1-4 weeks before hay fever season. Or as directed by your health care professional.

Insert the sprayer upright into the nostril, depress nozzle to spray. At the same time hold the other nostril closed and sniff in through the nose. Wipe nozzle after use.

Note. The container will not empty completely and this has been allowed for in the product quantity.

Health Information

Weleda Gencydo Hayfever Nasal spray is a unique combination of natural ingredients presented in an easy to use preservative free nasal spray for use in allergic conditions of the respiratory system - hay fever, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.

Its astringent, anti inflammatory and demulcent properties soothe and reduce acute inflammation of irritated mucous membranes and also strengthens them.

Hayfever and allergic rhinitis and sinusitis occur as the result of an over reaction by the mucous membranes of the nose and sinus passages to various irritants. The aim of this product is not only to relieve the symptoms of hay fever, but to also strengthen and balance the mucous membranes so that they are not affected by potential allergens.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Gencydo Hayfever Nasal spray after the hay fever season has started? Yes, but it is advised that you start 1-4 weeks, twice daily, prior to the hay fever season, for best results.

How long can I use Gencydo Nasal spray for? You can use it for as long as the symptoms persist.

When should I discard the bottle? All nasal sprays should be discarded 3 months after opening.

Do I need to clean the nozzle? Yes, wipe the nozzle after use.


Each 1g contains: Fresh Lemon (citrus lemon) juice 8-12mg (standardised to fruit acids calculated as citric acid 0.65mg); Extract equivalent to fresh: Cydonia oblonga (quince), fruit 10mg; in a water for injections/sodium chloride base. Free from synthetic preservatives.


Keep out of reach of Children. Discard 3 months after opening. Store below 30 degree C. If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional. Do not use if you have a sensitivity to citrus fruits. In some cases a slight burning sensation may be experienced.

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