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Cholesterol Manager 120 tabs

Reducol Phytosterol Complex from Conifer

Thompsons Cholesterol Manager. Revolutionary new development in Cholesterol control using Reducol Phytosterol Complex from Conifer. Cholesterol Manager is one of a new breed of "phytoceuticals" that provide safe yet effective alternatives to traditional drugs, yet come with clinical evidence. Reducal begins to work effectively in 30 days.  It helps reduce intestinal absorption of cholesterol from dietary sources. 4 a day dosage initially, then maintenance of 2 a day there after. Vegan. 120 tablets

Now 450mg per tablet, not 250mg

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120 Tablets

Common Uses

Thompsons Cholesterol Manager:
Reduce cholesterol absorption which helps maintain heart and circulation health, high cholesterol

Suggested Dosage

Adults Initial Dosage: 2 tablets prior to breakfast and 2 tablets prior to dinner, or as professionally prescribed.

Maintenance dosage: Adults - 1 tablet prior to breakfast and 1 tablet prior to dinner.

Health Information

Thompson's new Cholesterol Manager is one of a new breed of phytoceuticals that provide safe yet effective alternatives to traditional drugs, and which come with an evidence base of compelling, high quality clinical research.

Cholesterol - The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is partly created in the liver and partly obtained from our diet. It is necessary for our health, but potentially dangerous when consumed in excessive amounts, such as the levels found in a diet high in animal fats. In excess, cholesterol in the blood encourages fatty deposits on the arteries, this leads to narrowing and reduced blood flow. If left unchecked, this may ultimately result in a heart attack or stroke.

Phytosterols - A plant based solution.

The patented phytosterols in Cholesterol manager, which are derived from conifer, mimic the chemical structure of cholesterol and so block the absorption of dietary cholesterol. Less cholesterol moves into the bloodstream and more is excreted from the body. Cholesterol is used to produce bile, which assists in the digestion of fats. Cholesterol manager stops the body reabsorbing this cholesterol, thus further reducing cholesterol levels.

Clinically proven, Safe to use

Robust clinical research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that the special phytosterols in Cholesterol manager can reduce cholesterol levels by up to 24% and averaged reductions of around 15%. Work published in the British Medical Journal (Law, BMJ 2000) has shown that a daily intake of 2 grams of these specific phytosterols may reduce the overall risk of heart disease by around 25%.

Human studies on phytosterol dosage levels 10 times higher than those in Cholesterol manager have been performed over several years with no evidence of side effects. Results with Cholesterol manager will normally be noticed after 30 days use, with full benefits being obtained after 60 days.

The product is suitable for people with elevated cholesterol levels, including those on cholesterol lowering medication. It medication is being taken, dosage levels will need to be monitored by your health care provider.


Each tablet contains: Reducol Phytosterol complex (conifer) 450mg. No added glucose, lactose, nuts, shellfish, dairy, egg, fish, sesame seeds, soy. No artificial colouring or flavouring.


Keep out of reach of Children. In all cases of high cholesterol, seek professional advice before self prescribing. Store below 30C.

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