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Body Cleanse

Body Cleanse - 2 Bottle pack

Good Health Body Cleanse, Total body detox. A 2 part detox system. Herbs and nutrients to support detoxification. Key herbs to support blood cleansing. Supports healthy liver and bowel function. Body cleanse supplies Multi Cleanse, which contains the liver herb Milk thistle, dandelion root and turmeric, along with red clover, yellow dock and burdock to support liver detoxification. Also supplied is the comprehensive Multi fibre, to help soothe & regulate the bowel to support & regulate the bowel to support correct bowel functioning, an essential part of any detox. Multi cleanse 63 capsules. Multi fibre 90 capsules. 1 pack of 2 products.

This pack can be taken as a 7 day quick cleanse or a 1 month maintenance cleanse.

Multi Fibre now with Chlorella

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Good Health


2 Bottle pack

Common Uses

Having a higher levels of toxins in the body can cause many different symptoms, but some of the most common are a general foggy flat feeling, poor energy levels, not waking feeling refreshed in the morning, a weakened immune system, digestive troubles such as gas, bloating, constipation, aches and pains, such as head aches, waking between 1-3am in the morning, waking feeling hot in the middle of the night, as well as skin problems, irritability and general ill health.

Suggested Dosage

Good Health tells us to simply choose the 7 Day Quick Cleanse or the 1 month Maintenance cleanse.

Leanne suggests if you are suffering with any of the above toxic symptoms, choose the 1 month maintenance program rather than the 7 day Quick cleanse, as this is far too detoxing for most people to handle.

7 Day Quick Cleanse for Adults: Herbal Multi-Cleanse: Take 3 capsules morning, noon and evening (9 tablets daily) with water, before food until finished or as professionally prescribed.

Herbal Multi-Fibre for Adults: Take 4 capsules, morning, noon and evening (12 capsules daily) with water, before food, until finished or as professionally advised. If you feel headachy, reduce the multi cleanse to half the recommended dosage and in 1 week, increase to 2 capsules three times a day.

1 Month Maintenance Cleanse for Adults: Herbal Multi-Cleanse for Adults: Take 2 tablets in the evening with water before food, or as professionally advised, but start with just 1 capsule for 2 nights, then increase to 2 capsules.

Herbal Multi-Fibre for Adults: Take 3 capsules in the evening with water, before food, or as professionally advised.

The recommendations on the "box" say to have these in the morning, however we have always recommended they are taken in the evening, to support better liver fucntion when it "switches on" between 1-3am in the morning.

Health Information

Toxins in our body. Every day we encounter pollutants in the air, water and food. These toxins can be unavoidable even for those who eat organic food and have an ideal diet. Modern living takes it toll on our bodies and puts added pressure on our liver and kidneys - the bodies detoxifying organs. Cleansing the internal wastes from our body is necessary for us to maintain good health in today's society. Diets high in fat and food additives, combined with increased levels of air and water pollution, make it more important than ever to support the body's efforts to detoxify itself. Toxins and waste products build up inside our body. Prolonged build-up can lead to digestive problems, fatigue, allergies, lowered immunity and degeneration in health. We need to clean our body of pollution and toxins, especially for anyone who has developed symptoms of a chronic degenerative disease.

The Detoxing Gridlock. The trend is to cleanse your liver only, but what about the rest of the body? If you release toxins from the liver, chances are other organs can get backlogged with toxic waste. The key is to detox the total body - All organs at the same time.

A Better Cleanse. Naturopaths recommend detoxing the liver, purifying the blood and gently cleansing the kidneys to avoid toxic gridlock whilst supporting other crucial systems such as the lungs, adrenal and lymphatic system. Dietary fibre is equally important, as when the toxins are unloaded in to the digestive tract, fibre helps to chelate (grab onto) toxins for evacuation and reduces toxic reabsorption.

Introducing Body Cleanse - Total Body Detox. A 2 part system that is gentle, yet effective and works naturally to support the body's internal process of elimination and detoxification. Use Body Cleanse twice a year or a recommended.  Always take a probiotic after completing any detox.  This is because most detoxes are non specific in what they wipe out.  Not only do they affect the bad things living in your intestinal tract, a cleanse can also eliminate the beneficial bacteria in here too.  Because of this, a 1 month course of a Probiotic such as Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus is recommended afterwards.


There are 2 products in this pack.

Multi-Cleanse: Ingredients (per capsule) Herbal extracts equivalent to dry: Silybum marianum Seed (Milk Thistle) 10,500mg (providing 120mg silymarin), Dandelion root 250mg, Burdock root 150mg, Liquorice root 75mg, Red Clover flower 75mg, Cascara stem/bark 50mg, Turmeric rhizome 50mg, Yellow Dock Root 50mg, Irish Moss whole pant 35mg, Chlorella 200mg. Other ingredients : Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 150mg, Apple Fibre (pectin) 50mg, Taurine 50mg.

Multi-Fibre: Ingredients per capsule: Slippery Elm Bark Powder 100mg, Chlorella powder 50mg, Beetroot juice powder 100mg, Apple fibre (pectin) 20mg, Linum usitatissimum seed fibre (flaxseed) 200mg, Psyllium Husk Powder 200mg. No added gluten, egg, dairy, yeast, wheat or soy.  No artificial flavours, sweeteners, preservatives or colours used in this product.


Keep out of reach of Children. PRECAUTION: When dietary fibre is increased, fluid intake should also be increased. 1-2 litres per day is recommended. Some changes in bowel habits may occur due to increased fibre intake. If any unusual changes occur, including abdominal pain or extended constipation, seek professional advice. Lowered absorption of medicines may occur when taking concentrated fibre, therefore it is recommended that Multi-Fibre should be taken one hour after medication. Do not take during pregnancy or while breast feeding.

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