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TummyTone-CLA - 60 Softgels

Radiance TummyTone CLA  Conjugated Linoleic Acid for Fat & Weight Management. CLA is a free fatty acid - a group of positional & geometric isomers of the Omega-6 essential fatty acid linoleic acid.  Radiance Tummy tone CLA provides 80% CLA derived from 1000mg of Safflower oil (USA origin)  Studies have shown that CLA can help reduce body fat by breaking down stored fat, which returns to the blood stream, where it is used as energy by the liver & muscle cells. Effective in helping reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. CLA 800mg. 60 Softgels.

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60 Softgels

Common Uses

CLA has been tested in many scientific studies and has shown that it may help to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle tissue. Scientists have found that CLA inhibits lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fat globules so they can be absorbed and stored as fat cells in the body. By inhibiting this enzyme, CLA helps reduce the amount of fat deposited and stored throughout the body. CLA also contributes to the body's ability to metabolise existing fat deposits. By stimulating hormone sensitive lipase, CLA helps break down stored fat which returns to the blood stream where it is used as energy by muscle cells and the liver.

Suggested Dosage

Three softgels once or twice daily, preferably 1 hour before a meal.

Health Information

What is Conjugated Linoleic Acid CLA

First identified by scientist's at the University of Wisconsin in the 1980's, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a polyunsaturated free fatty acid produced by the intestinal bacteria of certain animals from the omega-6 linoleic acid. Humans cannot produce CLA from linoleic acid and therefore human levels are completely dependant upon the consumption of foods with high CLA concentrations or supplementation.

Food Sources of CLA

Rich food sources of CLA include turkey, beef and some dairy products, however the concentration of CLA in meat and dairy products has noticeably declined over the last twenty years by about 80% for various reasons, apparently including any use of antibiotics in cattle and a reduction of these foods in the diet.

However, CLA can also be manufactured from sunflower and safflower sources.

How can taking CLA help with better fat loss?

Studies on animals have shown it to reduce body fat. It is said that CLA has potent anti-catabolic effects, effects that may not be the same as those of anti-catabolic compounds such as HMB and other amino-acid-like compounds. It's also possible that using CLA along with other anti-catabolic supplements might produce a "synergistic" effect.

That is - the 2 ingredients mixed together produce a more powerful effect, than if used by themselves individually.

Studies have shown that CLA may promote muscle growth by minimizing catabolism.

Another possible "mode of action" involves the nitrogen-sparing properties of certain fatty acids in general. It has been scientifically demonstrated that lipid (fat) infusion may influence the composition of cell membranes, thereby affecting essential functions like enzyme activities, transport receptors, and regulatory functions.

Isnt CLA Fat?

We have all been taught that too much fat is bad. Because of this, many people have eliminated this from their diet in all forms possible. Because many people have not been taught that there are different kinds of fat and some are beneficial, many people are now becoming deficient in essential fatty acids.

A number of studies in animals and humans indicate that CLA supplementation decreases body fat and increases lean muscle mass. The increase in lean muscle mass is most pronounced in people who are exercising regularly, which makes it an ideal aid for maintaining desirable weight after extra kg have been lost.

What area of the body does CLA target?

The impact of CLA on fat metabolism comes form its effect on skeletal muscle, the principal site where fat is burned to meet the body's energy needs. CLA appears to reduce the breakdown of fat molecules in the skeletal muscle cells, and it may mitigate the breakdown of muscle tissue to provide energy.

The result is better appearance through an improved balance between fat and muscle. Data from a Norwegian study appear to parallel the positive results found in animal studies, demonstrating CLA to have favourable effects on body composition through the reduction of fat deposits.

The randomised, double blind, placebo controlled study used 1000mg doses of CLA (70% pure CLA) three times a day for 90 days. The CLA group demonstrated more than 4% reduction in body fat, while the placebo group showed no change.

Does CLA have any other properties?

Studies reported in the Journal Cancer and Cancer Research indicate that CLA has some antioxidant activity through which it protects cell membranes from free radical attack. In comparison to Vitamin E, studies have shown CLA to be approximately 300% stronger.

Martin Yurawecz, a chemist with the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), stated that he is very excited about CLA's potential. Citing CLA's protective effects on dermal and for stomach cancers he confirmed "there is something protective in CLA. In an ongoing study at Washington State University, preliminary results indicate that CLA suppressed human cell lines of colorectal cancer, melanoma and breast cancer.


Ingredients per softgel: High Conjulated linoleic acid safflower oil 1000mg, Including: Cis-9, Trans-11 isomer 370mg, Trans-10, Cis-12 isomer 370mg, Other isomers 60mg, providing CLA 800mg.  Gelatin, glycerin, carob capsule. No gluten, dairy, artificial preservatives, flavouring or colours.


Keep out of reach of Children. Possible effects of CLA on insulin have been noted - recommend caution for those on diabetic medication.

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