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Zinc Complex

Zinc complex

Radiance Zinc Complex. High Bioavailable Zinc Complex. Immune, Skin & General Health. Zinc Complex utilises zinc monomethionine for optimally enhanced absorption. Zinc, an essential trace mineral is required for numerous vital cell functions, including growth and development, reproductive, digestion and for healthy brain, nerve, vision and immune function. As an antioxidant, Radiance Zinc Complex also helps neutralise harmful free radicals. With Zinc, Vitamin C, B6, Magnesium & Beta carotene. 90 vegecaps

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90 Vegetarian Capsules

Common Uses

Zinc has a variety of actions including assisting with immunity; skin and reproductive function. Zinc is likely to assist anyone with a skin related condition such as acne, psoriasis or eczema. It is also vital for healing wounds and may be useful after surgery. Vital for male reproductive health, zinc is essential for healthy sperm as well as in the prevention and treatment of prostate problems. For women, research indicates that taking Zinc during pregnancy can help to prevent postnatal depression. Because of its regulatory effect on insulin, Zinc may help in conditions such as hypoglycaemia and diabetes. Stress, illness and exercise can deplete Zinc levels. White spots on the nails are common sign of zinc deficiency. Ask for your free zinc taste test in store.

Suggested Dosage

Recommended dosage: 1 capsule daily with a meal

Health Information

Essential Zinc

During the last three decades, Zinc has been established as an essential nutrient for humans. Zinc is vital for skin, hair, nails, men's prostate and women's reproductive systems and as a free radical fighter. Stress, illness and exercise can deplete Zinc levels. Zinc is essential for intestinal mucosal function.

When Zinc is low the absorptive process is inhibited so that all nutrients, including zinc, are very poorly absorbed. Overcoming the Zinc blockade requires high doses of a highly bio available zinc, together with the other physiologically related nutrients. Zinc is definitely one of the most, if not the most, important trace element. Zinc has profound effects on an individual's health.

Vital for Mens Health

Zinc has a variety of functions in the body. A lot of men are low in this vital element because it is found in high concentrations in sperm. Each time a man ejaculates he loses Zinc. Zinc is a component of insulin and is part of the enzyme that is needed to break down alcohol in the body. Zinc plays a part in carbohydrate digestion and phosphorus metabolism. Recent medical findings indicate that zinc is important in healing wounds and burns. The largest storage of Zinc occurs in the liver, pancreas, kidney, bones and some muscles.

Zinc and Healing

Studies have found that supplementation of Zinc contribute to rapid healing in the body and it is needed for the treatment of all skin problems. Zinc is also beneficial for people who have diabetes, because of its regulatory affect on insulin in the blood. It has been found that the addition of Zinc to insulin, prolongs its effects on blood sugar. A diabetic pancreas contains only about half as much Zinc as does a healthy one. Taking Zinc helps eliminate cholesterol deposits and has been successfully used in the treatment of arteriosclerosis. A deficiency of Zinc can cause retarded growth, delayed sexual maturity and prolonged healing of wounds. Stretch marks in the skin and white spots on the fingernails may be signs of a Zinc deficiency. Brittle nails and hair, impotence in males and painful knee and hip joints in teenagers are also indications of a Zinc deficiency.


Each capsule contains: Zinc (monomethionine) 15mg, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 50mg, Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCL) 10mg, Magnesium (chelate) 10mg, Betacarotene 1000IU equivalent to Vitamin A. 100% vegetarian. Other ingredients: Cellulose, rice flour, magnesium stearate, silica. No dairy, gluten, artificial preservatives, flavouring or colours.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the stated dosage without professional advice. Zinc, can be toxic if taken in large amounts or for a long period. Zinc taken on an empty stomach will produce nausea, in most cases.

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