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Tissue Salts Calc Sulph

Tissue Salts Calc Sulph - 240 Tablets

Tissue Salts contain minerals vital for cell health and balance. Try Tissue Salt Calc Sulph for healing wounds, glandular swellings, pimples and ulcers. This tissue salt combination is a blood purifier and cell healer. 240 tablets.

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240 Tablets

Common Uses

With Calc. Sulph. Deficiency the following conditions may be seen; pimples, boils, skin eruptions, skin is slow to heal, catarrh, dandruff, falling hair, vertigo with nausea, sore lips, gum boils, pancreatic upsets, frontal headaches and neuralgia

Suggested Dosage

Adults: 4 tablets. Children: 2 tablets. Infants: 1 tablet. Tablets to be dissolved on the tongue. Chronic cases 3 doses daily. Acute cases every half hour until relief is obtained; thereafter 3 doses daily. Take half an hour before meals. You may also dissolvethe tablets in warm water.

Health Information

Tissue Salts were developed by a German doctor by the name of Wilhelm Schuessler in the 1800's. His theory was that many ailments were caused by imbalances of certain vital minerals in the cells of the body. In the body this mineral occurs in connective tissue, as a blood constituent and also in the liver cells. The function is the removal of worn out blood cells from the circulating blood. A deficiency of this impairs this cleaning activity and related problems can arise.


Active constituent (in homoeopathic potency) Calcium Sulphate Ph. Eur 6X. Also contains lactose.


Keep out of reach of Children. If you think you have nervous exhaustion, nervous indigestion or nervous headache consult a registered medical practitioner before taking this product. If you are already receiving medical treatment, tell your doctor you are also taking this product.

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