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Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

Dolphin Clinic Lemon essential oil is obtained from the peel of the fruit. Dolphin clinic lemon essential oil is cold pressed. Lemon oil has many very important properties. 1 of the most important is its ability to stimulate the white corpuscles that defend the body against infectious illness. For this reason, Lemon can be used for all kinds of cuts & wounds. It is also haemostatic - i.e. helps stop bleeding. So can be used to wash cuts &/or blend with a healing oil & apply to cuts. 10ml

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10 ml

Common Uses

Research by Dr Valent cites that the vaporised essence of Lemon can knock out the meningococcal bacteria in 15 minutes, diphtheria bacilli in 20 minutes, will make tuberculosis bacilli inactive in 1 hour and pneumococcus bacteria in 3 hours. Great for use in air sprays, vaporised in burners, air conditioning, cleaning, massage oils etc. Also used for corns or warts (2 drops of lemon in 10 drops of cider vinegar, apply to affected area only). Lemon encourages the elimination of toxins and promotes internal cleansing, so great for massage - cellulite, rheumatic arthritis and sore muscles. Put a drop of lemon essential oil onto a handkerchief and have your child carry it with them at school. When they are feeling mentally fatigued, this oil will give them a pick-me-up.

Suggested Dosage

Adults add one drop to bath or burner. Add one drop to every 10ml of carrier oil. Children half dropage. Not to be used on infants 0-12 months. Great for use in air sprays, vapourised in burners, air conditioning, cleaning, massage oils etc.

Health Information

Dolphin Clinic stands apart from other suppliers by being dedicated to providing quality product at the best possible prices. The company range covers over 50 different kinds of Pure Essential Oils, 15 carefully blended Complementary Oils, and a range of everyday natural solutions marketed as Aromatherapy Solutions. The range also includes bath oils, massage oils and luxury blends of massage oils that are unique, sensual and exquisite, providing the client with researched and beautifully presented product designed to meet specific needs. The company has access to a qualified and trained beauty and massage Therapist and a qualified Aromatherapist who regularly provides professional advice on the oils and blends.


Pure Cold pressed Lemon essential oil.


Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended to use during pregnancy. Not to be taken internally. Lemon can be a skin irritant, use diluted. Should not be used before exposure to sunlight or sunbeds.



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