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Superior Liver Support Formula

Natures Way Thisilyn. The patented milk thistle extract Thisilyn, standardised to 80% silymarin. Supported by over 200 clinical & scientific studies. Promotes normal liver function, protects liver cells by blocking toxins entrance, boosts antioxidant activity in liver & stimulates regeneration of liver tissue. Ideal for those who use alcohol, smoke or are exposed to environmental pollutants. The silymarin in Thisilyn's proprietary extract dissolves quicker and easier in the digestive tract than other brands yielding approximately 2x more of the active. 60 Vcaps.

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Nature's Way


60 Vegicaps

Common Uses

Natures Way Thisilyn:
Toxic liver damage, alcoholic liver, cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver, chemical, drug & alcohol induced fatty liver, inflammation of the bile duct, for people who work with chemicals or those with psoriasis.

Works as a powerful antioxidant and liver rebuilder. Especially recommended for those who use alcohol, smoke or are exposed to environmental pollutants.

Suggested Dosage

Take one capsule three times a day, with liquid before mealtimes. Thisilyn can safely be used on a long term basis.

Health Information

Since ancient times this herb has been used for its healing action on the liver. Many studies have been done on this, especially by Madaus AG of Cologne, Germany. Known commercially as Legalon in Europe, Thisilyn is standardised to 70% silymarin content. This has allowed for consistent dosing.

To date, over 200 clinical studies have been completed with this extract. In 1971 the German scientist Dr Sarre tested 67 humans with chronic hepatitis and liver damage with silymarin, the active principle of milk thistle. The results were amazing. It was found that after only 3 months treatment the patients with chronic hepatitis were cured. This was done by doing a biopsy on the liver to see if any infection was present. No infection was found.

The patients with liver damage responded very well to treatment. In 1973 Italian scientists found that Silymarin sped up the regenerative process of the liver and increased the rate of cell division. In 1980 Dr Sonnenbichler demonstrated that silymarin increased protein synthesis in the liver, which is of vital importance to the formation of new liver cells. The increasing importance of antioxidants is becoming more apparent. In 1977 it was found that silymarin had a very potent antioxidant action, about 10 times stronger than vitamin E.

How Milk Thistle Works

Milk thistle extract, and more specifically silymarin, has three distinct actions to protect the cells of the liver:
1. Protection of the outer membrane of liver cells.
2. Powerful antioxidant activity, which adds to cellular protection and insures scavenging of harmful free radicals.
3. Regeneration of damaged/injured liver cells.

Lets look at this more closely. Liver cell protection.

Silymarin and more specifically silibinin, binds to the outside of liver cells and protects then from damaging chemicals and toxins. This action was originally illustrated by studies examining silymarins protective action against the damaging effects of Amanita phalloides (death cap mushroom) toxins. Death cap, when ingested, causes swift and severe damage to the liver.

By binding sites on the cell membrane that would normally be bound by these toxins, silymarin blocks potential damage to the liver. In addition to the work with death cap mushroom, silymarin has also been studied for other chemicals dangerous to the liver like carbon tetrachloride. An injectable preparation of silibinin is a mainstay in German emergency rooms for treatment of acute liver poisoning.

Antioxidant activity of Silymarin

Silymarin demonstrates powerful antioxidant activity in the liver cells. Silymarin increase the amount of the powerful antioxidant glutathione in liver cells. Silymarin has also been shown to raise the level and increase the activity of another powerful antioxidant superoxide dismutase, in the red blood cells. Both of these actions are directly applicable to the benefits of milk thistle extract in the treatment of alcoholics with liver disease.

Regeneration of damaged liver cells with Silymarin

Silymarin's ability to regenerate damaged or injured liver cells is paramount to its ability to address many forms of chronic liver disease. Silymarin increase protein synthesis in liver cells by stimulating ribosomal RNA. This action greatly accelerates regeneration of damaged or injured cells.


Each 1 capsule contains Thisilyn® Milk thistle extract (seed) 175mg, 80% Silymarin (140mg). Other ingredients: Plant derived cellulose (capsule), Modified cellulose, cellulose,  potassium bicarbonate, citric acid, magnesium stearate.


Keep out of reach of children. If suffering with liver problems start with a small amount and slowly increase over several weeks.

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