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Hypercium 30c tablet

Hypercium 30c tablet - 130 Tablets

The homoeopathic remedy Hypericum is made from the herb St John's Wort. It assists the body's normal reaction to nerve injury especially of the fingers, toes and nails. It is also useful to help normal recovery after surgery or trauma. 120 tablets.

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130 Tablets

Common Uses

Use this remedy if the child jams its fingers in the door; it helps healing and relieves pain. If bitten or scratched by an animal, useful to give before going to the doctor. Arnica should also be given.

Suggested Dosage

Up to 6 doses, then 3 times a day as required.

Health Information

Homoeopathy is a unique system of medicine that aims to promote good health by using micro-doses of medicament which work to stimulate the body's own defence system. Homoeopathy is a non-drug therapy that is based on the principle of 'like cures like'. Homeopathic remedies have no side effects, are gentle enough to be used by all the family and can be used with any other forms of medication.


Hypericum 30c.


Keep out of reach of Children.



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