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Thermometer - LCD

Digital Thermometer

Features a high accuracy and fast response, easy to read digital display thermometer. Peak-hold and auto shut-off functions. Break resistance and child safe probe. Low battery indicator. LCD Digital Thermometer with automatic alarm. Accuracy + - 0.2 F

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1 Thermometer

Common Uses

To measure the temperature of a person or animal. This thermometer is a very sensitive device, obtaining results accurately and quickly. It is different from the glass mercury thermometer. It is easy to use, quick response and high accuracy, memory and beeper signals, especially without mercury - so it is safe to use.

Suggested Dosage

Operating Instructions:

Before use, please disinfect the probe with alcohol or put a probe cover on the sensor tip.

Press the on/off button, the display will read 188.8E and "Bi" sound will be heard.

The thermometer will display the last temperature memory record for about 2 seconds, then display LC/LF and C/F flashing, then thermometer is waiting for use.

If the room temperature is over 32.0c/86.9F the temperature will display the room temperature but not the LC/LF.

Place the probe well under the tongue, keep the mouth closed, begin measuring. The measurement process needs about 2 minutes.

After measuring, the C/F will stop flashing and the alarm signal will sound for about 4 seconds. The process has ended.

The temperature of the thermometer displaying is just the user's body temperature.

The thermometer automatically shuts off in 10 minutes after using. But it is recommended to turn the power off manually, right after the measurement has been taken, in order to save energy.

Store in the case provides.

Battery Replacement: When the low battery indicator displays or if there is no display, please replace with a new battery. Remove the battery cover and take the old battery out, with a pointed object, such as a pen or a tooth pick. Place a new battery, size type AG3 (SR41, UCC392, LR41), with the positive + side up. Replace the battery cover.


Keep out of reach of Children. Do not bend, drop or disassemble the thermometer. Do not boil the probe, instead clean the unit by wiping it with a dry cloth and sterilize the probe with ethyl alcohol. Do not use toluene that may deteriorate the resin body and damage the thermometer circuitry. Avoid exposing the thermometer under direct sunlight. Do not open the thermometer, except when replacing the battery.





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