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Green Tea

2 Capsules contain the same amount of EGCG as 3 cups Green Tea

Natures Way Green Tea Standardised. A powerful antioxidant, especially for the cardiovascular system. People who consume an extract of Green tea have been shown to have a reduced incidence of cardiovascular disease. It was also shown to improve liver function, helping provide some protection against liver, colon & lung cancer. Most of the scientific research has focused primarily on a group of bioflavonoids called polyphenol catechins.  The most prevalent and bioactive polyphenol in green tea is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). 2 capsules contain the same amount of EGCG as three cups of Green Tea. 95% polyphenols (75% catchins) 60 VCaps

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60 Vcaps

Common Uses

Antioxidant, stomach-ache, tumors, heart disease, improve liver function, lung cancer, an aid for weight loss, to produce thermogenesis, to protect teeth and gums, blood sugar, inhibits the activity of enzymes which convert starch and other sugars to glucose, cholesterol, regulates blood sugar levels, normalises blood pressure, helps heal ulcers, is antibacterial, anti viral and blood cleansing. Green Tea was thought to provide many benefits, such as combating mental fatigue, colds and flu. It was also believed to help the digestive and nervous system, facilitate cardiovascular function and decrease blood pressure.

Suggested Dosage

Recommendations: Take 1 capsule one or two times daily, preferably with food. 

2 capsules contain the equivalent amout of EGCG as 3 cups of Green tea.

Health Information

Green Tea - Good for ones health

Tea drinking originated in China several centuries ago and throughout its long history, runs the thread that "tea is good for one's health". Legend has it that it was the Chinese emperor Chen Nung, who brewed the first cup of green tea as far back as 2737 B.C. The emperor appears to have been a biologist and is said to have found that tea was able to neutralise the effect of no less than 72 different kinds of poison.

There is no doubt that the original use of tea was based on its medicinal properties. The first documented evidence of the use of tea as a medicine dates back to 130 B.C and an essay published in 59BC records the manner of sale and marketing of tea in china, as well as the establishment of schools to instruct people on how to grow tea.

Tea became a product of great value and its popularity as a non-intoxicating drink was enhanced by the spread of Buddhism in China, as well as by the edict of the Imperial court that tea should replace wine as an official beverage. This was about 1200 years ago. Shortly after, tea was equated to grain or money for payment of tribute to the emperor. Tea also became an important item of the barter trade.

In the year 1398 A.D, it is reported that 2.5 tonnes of green tea were barted for 13584 horses. In fact, tea became a necessity of life, equal in importance to fuel, oil, rice and salt and it is said that people would go without rice for 3 days, rather than be without tea for a single day.

What health problems can Green Tea help with?

Japanese scientists believe that green tea can inhibit the growth of cancer tumors in humans, but especially cancers of the oesophagus, stomach and intestine. As well as this, it has been found to reduce the incidence of heart disease.

The effect of green tea drinking was analysed on 1871 men who lived in Yoshimi, Japan where the most common beverage is green tea. The study found that the tea reduced the incidence of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular diseases in general. It was also shown to improve liver function, therefore providing some protection against liver, colon and lung cancer.

This inhibitory activity is believed to be mainly due to the antioxidative and possible antiproliferative effects of polyphenols (composed of flavonols or catechins) compounds found in the tea. These polyphenolics may also inhibit carcinogenesis by blocking the endogenous formation of N-nitroso compounds, suppressing the activation of carcinogens, and trapping of toxic agents.

The anti-tumour properties of green tea are believed to partly be due to the ability of its polyphenolic constituents to increase the action of liver enzymes in the process of detoxification.

GreenTea and Fat loss

Another noted benefit of drinking green tea appears to as an aid for fat loss. This is due to green teas ability to produce thermogenesis. The body carries 2 types of fat - Brown fat, which sits against the skeleton and yellow fat which collects around our fatty areas and increases as we put weight on. Our brown fat cells act to burn off excess yellow fat when we start to loose weight, an activity that creates heat and is known as thermogenesis.

Green tea contains a group of components which, it is thought, increase the metabolic activity of brown fat and helps it to burn off yellow fat more effectively.

Other health benefits of Green Tea

Health practitioners recommend drinking green tea after meals to protect teeth and gums because it contains high levels of natural fluoride. The Polyphenols present in green tea prevent an increase in blood glucose concentration because they inhibit the activity of enzymes which convert starch and other sugars to glucose.

Green tea has been studied extensively and has found to provide an antioxidative action, anti-tumor action that suppresses the growth of tumors, breaks down cholesterol, regulates blood sugar levels, normalises blood pressure, helps heal ulcers, is antibacterial, anti viral and blood cleansing.


Each 1 capsule contains: Green Tea Leaf Extract (25:1) 250mg, (95% Polyphenols with guaranteed levels of 55% epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)), Green Tea (Leaf) 200mg. Other ingredients: Gelatin capsule.

2 capsules contain the equivalent amout of EGCG as 3 cups of premium quality green tea.


Not recommended during pregnancy. Due to the anti-platelet activity of green tea in high doses, people taking blood thinners or anti-platelet medications such as Heparin or Warfarin should use green tea products with caution. Always ask your product supplier or health professional if there are any specific precautions regarding your use of this or any supplement.

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