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Natures Way Femaprin Vitex extract. Regulates Menstrual Cycle. Femaprin is the most widely used supplement for balancing a womans monthly cycle and for the avoidance of periodic discomforts.  Trusted for over 40 years by European health practitioners Femaprins unique formula combines clinically proven standardized Vitex agnus castus or chaste tree extract with Vitamin B6 to help alleviate the bloating, breast tenderness and mood changes associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS).  Vitex works to regulate the function of the pituitary, which is turn works to regulate the function of the glandular system. 1 a day formula.  2 month supply.  60 capsules.

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60 Capsules

Common Uses

Hormone imbalance, PMS, cramping, fluid retention, mood swings, depression, tender swollen breasts, weight gain, bloated ness, hormonal headaches, excessive bleeding, loss of libido, hot flushes, night sweats, thinning of vaginal mucosa, alternative to HRT, hormonal acne, increases progesterone and luteinizing hormone production (LH), creates normal balance between estrogen and progesterone, normalizes heavy, frequent or non existent menstrual flow, help reduce prolactin levels which may be a contributor to infertility. Using Vitex after withdrawal from the contraceptive pill may help stabilise the menstrual cycle and bring on post contraceptive ovulation more quickly. At least a three month course of treatment with Vitex is often recommended after the pill and before any attempt at conception.

Suggested Dosage

One capsule daily with water in the morning, starting from the 1st day of your period - Day 1. For PMS or irregular menstrual cycle, take for at least 4-6 months continuously. For infertility or amenorrhea, take for at least 12-18 months. It is very important that once you start taking this product, you do not miss a day. Femaprin is a hormonal regulator - if you miss a day, you will interfere with this regulation. If you decide to stop this product, stop on day 1 of a new cycle.

Health Information

Femaprin contains an standardized extract of Vitex agnus-castus, more commonly known as Chaste Tree. Many women with menstrual cycle irregularities are not producing enough progesterone during the 2nd half of their cycle. This means that estrogen continues to be the dominant hormone. This can lead to a shortening of the luteal phase, by as much as 50%. When this occurs, women can suffer from premenstrual syndrome, a lack of periods, infertility and also too frequent or heavy periods. Vitex, which does not contain hormones, acts to correct the deficiency of progesterone by actually working on the pituitary gland - the gland that produces the regulatory hormones influencing progesterone and estrogen production. Vitex influences the pituitary to increase the secretion of luteinizing hormone (LH), the hormone responsible for increasing progesterone secretion during the luteal phase. This results in a normal balance between estrogen and progesterone. Another problem affecting many women with "luteal phase defect" is the over production of another pituitary hormone known as prolactin. High levels of prolactin during the late stages of the luteal phase can contribute to breast tenderness and pain as well as infertility. Vitex has been shown to actually reduce prolactin secretion in women overproducing it during their menstrual cycle. Used for an average of 3 months in a 1 a day dosage, vitex has led to a normalization of mid-luteal phase progesterone levels and lengthening of the luteal phase.


Each capsule contains: Vitamin B-6 (as pyridoxine HCL) 100mg,  Vitex Agnus Castus extract (fruit), 225mg, 0.6% agnusides, Vitex Agnus Castus (fruit) 100mg, . Other ingredients: Gelatin, Silica and Magnesium Stearate.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not use during pregnancy or with hormonal replacement therapy. Do not exceed the suggested dosage. Do not use with high progesterone levels, as these will continue to rise with the use of Vitex.

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