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Essentia Healthy Hair

Essentia Healthy Hair - 250 ml

Essentia Healthy Hair, 100% natural hair care. Conditions, softens, untangles, protects, deters head lice. This New Zealand made hair care product is easy to use. Healthy hair rapidly relieves and improves hair and scalp problems. Its pure essential oils are naturally dispersed and easily absorbed into the hair and scalp. Helps with dandruff, oily and irritated scalp. Unlocking the power of essential oils, for natural healthy care. 250ml

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250 ml

Common Uses

Conditions, softens, untangles, protects, deters head lice, dandruff, hair loss, protecting and conditioning.

Suggested Dosage

Easy to use. Shake well before and during use. Apply to dry or damp towel dried hair and finger through. Apply as necessary to untangle hair and make combing or brushing easier. Use after swimming to soften and condition. Apply daily to deter nits during warmer weather. Use daily for dandruff and to stop hair loss.

Health Information

Essentia Unlocking "The Power of Essential Oils" for Healthy hair. We are all unique and all have different Hair Problems at various times in our busy lives! Maybe you have had a bad hair day recently from too much wind and sun. You know that blow waving, perms, hair colours, gels, and hair sprays often cause dry and damaged hair. How often does you hair seem to be in poor condition no matter how well you look after your hair? An all too common problem for both men and women is hair thinning, which is quite often accompanied by an irritated and itchy scalp. Do you suffer from dandruff or hair loss? The risk of children getting head lice (nits) from school, never seems to go away. Spa and swimming pools can cause chlorine damage, resulting in tangles and knots.

Bad hair days. Tangles, Knots, Dandruff, Nits, Hair loss. Hassle-free chemical-free hair care. Hair thinning, Dry hair, Scalp problems, Perm damage, Damaged hair.

How much are chemical conditioners really costing you? Wouldn't it be nice to have something that protects against chlorine damage from swimming pools or the harsh effects of the wind and sea? The secret to Healthy Hair is out. Essentia have developed a pure and natural synergy of certified pure essential oils in a distilled water base that will provide rapid improvement to the condition of your hair scalp. This same synergy will not only condition your hair and scalp it will also stop hair loss, signaling the scalp and hair to repair itself.

Are the damaging effects of daily life and pollution in the environment taking its toll on your hair? Do you have bad hair days? Healthy Hair gives your hair protection from the harsh, damaging effects of daily life and pollutants in our environment. Healthy Hair is absorbed directly into the hair, it doesn't just sit on the surface like other conditioners; Healthy Hair nourishes your hair naturally, "Mother Natures" own protection. Your hair will have natural shine, softness, and protection. Essential oils are not oily like you might think. Our special formulation provides just the right combination and amount of pure plant essence to be absorbed by the hair with absolutely no residue.

Is brushing your children's hair a nightmare with tangles and knots? Healthy hair works immediately, the essential oils are attracted to the hair, providing a natural lubrication that makes brushing tangled, knotty hair a breeze. As more essential oils are absorbed into the hair and scalp over time, the hair takes on the pure plant essence, conditioning and protecting the hair and scalp. Brushing and combing through tangles and knots gets easier and easier.

How much are chemical conditioners really costing you? Have you noticed how much hair conditioners cost these days and how long you have to spend in the shower applying them? Most of it gets rinsed down the drain! What is left is usually just sitting on the surface of you hair, simulating soft hair. Healthy Hair is applied after you get out of the shower and can be applied when the hair is still damp or dry, in fact anytime! Nothing goes to waste. The essential oils in Healthy Hair are attracted naturally to the hair and are completely absorbed directly into the hair. Healthy Hair is a pure and natural alternative to expensive conditioners.

Do you want hassle-free chemical-free hair care for all the family? Healthy Hair is totally natural and can be used on all hair types! Healthy Hair takes the hassle out of hair care. This amazing synergy: conditions, protects, untangles, softens, repairs, heals, and even stops hair loss! Suitable for the whole family: mum, dad, and the kids! Has treating dandruff, hair loss, hair thinning, and scalp problems been an on-going battle? Have you tried just about everything to stop dandruff and itchy scalp, anti-dandruff shampoos seem to work for awhile but in end the dandruff wins out and so you try another one? Healthy Hair will actually stop hair loss, eliminate dandruff and repair your scalp. The healing properties of essential oils go to work almost immediately, not just treating the symptoms but actually healing scalp problems which cause dandruff and hair loss.

Do you hate the embarrassment and hassle of keeping nits away! Nits don't like essential oils, they die on contact and with regular use they can't get a foothold! Nobody has to know you are using Healthy Hair for that reason because you can use Healthy Hair to condition, soften, untangle, and protect and have peace of mind; "Healthy Hair is totally natural!" Get some piece of mind today!

Wouldn't it be nice to have something that protects against chlorine damage from pools or the harsh effects of the wind and sea? The amazing synergy of essential oils in Healthy Hair will give your hair protection from the severe and damaging effects of chlorine in spa pools and swimming pools. The harsh drying results of being out in the wind or swimming in the sea are no longer a problem when you use Healthy Hair, you get the ultimate in protection from "Mother Nature" herself!

Do you want to be able to colour or perm your hair but worried about perm damage, dry hair, or damaged hair? Healthy Hair is just what you've been looking for, in fact Healthy Hair will extend the life of your perm! Healthy Hair nourishes your hair naturally, replacing valuable nutrients lost during perms and colour treatments. Dry and damaged hair just disappear. Healthy Hair also gives you protection from the heat of blow waving.

How can Healthy Hair have all these properties? Nature provides help for us in the form of essential oils. Healing grade essential oils can help all sorts of hair problems as they are absorbed easily into the hair and scalp and start the healing process immediately. Essential oils contain the whole plant essence, the power of mother nature is concentrated by the process of steam distillation into pure essential oils, which are 70 times stronger than the original plant. Combine essential oils and you get an amazing powerful synergy with many natural healing properties. We use only certified pure essential oils and add them to distilled water (you can see them floating in the water). Almost all other products are made from individual chemical extractions and / or synthetic chemicals whereas Healthy Hair is pure and natural , giving you the amazing natural healing power of "Mother Nature" herself, we don't need to add anything else!


100% Natural Contents. Certified 100% pure Essential oils in distilled water. Rosemary, Ylang ylang, Tea tree and Cedarwood.


Keep out of reach of children. Note: Seek an Aromatherapists advice if using during pregnancy.

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