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Bee+Propolis Throat Spray

Bee+Propolis Throat Spray - 30 ml

Bee + Propolis Throat Spray 100% Natural. Propolis is a natural product produced by Bees. It has been shown to have Natural Antibiotic properties & has been found to be highly effective against oral infections, having been used as a healing agent for thousands of years. Use as a refreshing throat spray for oral hygiene and fresh breath. No additives, preservatives of fillers. 30ml

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Sensational Bee


30 ml

Common Uses

Sore throats, Bad breath, mouth infections. Often called Natures Penicillin is formidable in its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-septic and anti-biotic properties.

Suggested Dosage

Spray as required directly into the mouth.

Health Information

Propolis is one of the earliest bee products used by people as medicine and documents reveal that in the 4th century, Hippocrates practiced apothecary by recommending propolis as a treatment. Every spring slender shoots appear from barren branches of trees. These fragile buds have no protective bark; they are tender structures, exposed to harsh conditions and ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Nature protects these shoots by covering them with a special waxy substance. This wax is especially important to prevent free radical damage to the plant tissues caused by the sun's harmful rays.

Like the plants, beehives need protection too. And so, worker bees are sent out to harvest tree resins. By mixing these resins with their own secretions, they form the wonderful substance Propolis. Propolis is the immune system of the beehive. It protects the hive from harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. A black sticky wax, it is smeared over every crack and crevice of the beehive, but, especially over the entrance of the hive.

Bees entering the hive all crawl over the "welcome mat" of Propolis to ensure the cleanliness of the hive. A little propolis is also smeared in every cell of the honeycomb to protect the contents. It has its origins in the healing resin produced by such trees as willow, poplar and birch.

Bees gather the resin and combine it with pollen and wax and produce the substance that we call Propolis - Nature's Best Defense. Rich in natural bioflavonoids, propolis works to maximise the effects of Vitamin C. It is also a powerful antiseptic agent and is unfailing in its ability to initiate the body's own immune defences, inhibiting the spread of unwanted disease.

Propolis has a cleansing effect on the bloodstream, dispensing unwanted bacteria and fungal parasites and has shown to significantly reduce symptoms arising from environmental toxins and food allergens. Propolis is thought to strengthen the cell walls of mucous membranes, potential sites of entry of invasive substances.

Propolis is one of the most concentrated sources of bioflavonoids found in nature. Bioflavonoids, generally, are plant pigments. But there are hundreds of different types of bioflavonoids, and they provide a wide variety of important nutritional benefits. Bioflavonoids are strong antioxidants, which protect the body from harmful free radical damage. Many bioflavonoids promote health in ways other than as antioxidants. For instance, Rutin and Hesperidin are two bioflavonoids that help make up the Vitamin C nutrient complex. Bioflavonoids are present in all fruits and vegetables, and they provide a lot of the benefits that raw foods provide.


Contains: Water, Manuka honey, bee propolis, aniseed oil, lecithin, myrrh, cloves, peppermint.


Keep out of reach of children. This product contains Propolis, a Bee product. Do not use if you have an allergy to this or Bee products. Start with an initial small dose to test for reactions, especially if sensitive to bee products. Do not use if you have an allergy to any of the other products contained in this formula.Keep out of direct sunlight in a cool dry place below 30 degrees.

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Sensational Bee


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