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Standardised Artichoke

Natures Way Artichoke. Used to help improve fat digestion, reduce indigestion, jaundice & nausea. Assist in the treatment of liver & gall bladder conditions. Help reduce cholesterol & triglyceride levels. Standardised to contain minimum 5% Cynarin. 60 capsules

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Nature's Way


60 Capsules

Common Uses

Digestive disturbances including gas, bloating, intestinal cramping, gallbladder attacks, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, fat intolerance and severe constipation, soothes stomach upset, increases bile flow and reduces gas. Artichoke has been used medically since the beginning of the 20th century to help improve digestion. Historically used as a tea to alleviate the discomfort associated with eating fatty meals.

Suggested Dosage

Two capsules two times daily. If you have poor liver function or a gall bladder problem, you may like to start with just 1 capsule first and ensure that your symptoms do not intensify with this dosage, before increasing. If you feel worse after taking this 1 capsule, having lemon juice in water may help to alleviate this reaction. However this shows that 1 capsule is too much to start with. Seek professional advice, as you will need to start with a much smaller dosage, such as only 1 capsule a week, until you have tolerance and then slowly increase to the recommended dosage.

Health Information


Artichoke's actions centres around its effect on the liver. Artichoke extract has been shown to enhance detoxification reactions as well as protect the liver from damage. This combination of benefits is very important to healthy liver function. During detoxification of the liver, the toxic substance is often initially converted to an even more toxic form. Without adequate protection, every time the liver neutralizes a toxin, it is damaged in the process.

Artichoke extract has been shown to help provide this valuable protection. Once the liver has modified a toxin, it needs to be eliminated from the body as soon as possible through the bile. However, when the manufacture of bile is reduced or the excretion of bile is inhibited (a condition known as cholestasis), toxins stay in the liver and body longer.

Artichoke extract also increase the formation and flow of bile to and from the liver. Bile is a fluid excreted from the liver and stored in the gallbladder and released into the intestine to aid the digestion and absorption of fats. Bile also plays an important role in making the stool soft by promoting the incorporation of water into the stool. Without enough bile, the stool can become quite hard and difficult to pass. Decreased bile flow is a common cause of digestive disturbances including fat malabsorption, excessive flatulence, bloating after eating, constipation and diarrhoea.

The most common cause of obstruction of the bile ducts is the presence of gallstones. It is estimated nearly 20% of women and 8% of men over the age of 40 have gallstones. In America around 500,000 gallbladders are removed each year because of gallstones, the production of which is linked to a high-fat, low-fibre diet. Impaired bile flow within the liver can have several causes including: presence of gallstones, alcohol endotoxins, an overactive thyroid, thyroxin supplementation, viral hepatitis, pregnancy, certain chemicals and drugs, anabolic steroids, estrogens and oral contraceptives. Studies show Artichoke extract has increased the flow of bile by 90% to 150%.


Serving Size 2 capsules. Artichoke, dried extract 600mg (leaf) 5% Caffeoylquinic acids, Milk Thistle (seed) 300mg. Other ingredients: Maltodextrin, gelatin (capsule) Magnesium stearate, silica.


Keep out of reach of children. Persons with known obstruction of bile ducts and gallstone should consult a healthcare professional before taking this product. Not recommend for pregnant or lactating women. Rare allergic reactions in individuals with allergies to the aster family. If you have liver or gall bladder problems be wary taking this herb at the dosage recommended. Always start with a minimal amount and increase slowly, as side effect can occur. If in doubt, seek advice.

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