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Astra Forte Tablets

Astraforte Immune Support

Thompsons Astraforte.  Immune support. Specifically designed for people who are suffering from persistent or repetitive illness, particularly of the upper respiratory tract.  Astraforte supports the immune system.  Astragalus has a tradition of use in TCM traditional chinese medicine as a general tonic and to support healthy immune function.  may reduce the severity and duration of colds.  Contains Astragalus, Reishi mushroom & Privet fruit. Debilitated immune system (as with chemo or radiotherapy), repetitive colds & flu, post infection recovery. Glandular fever recovery. 80 tablets

Was Greenridge Astraforte, NOW Thompsons Astraforte

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80 Tablets

Common Uses

Deep immune rebuilding tonic, chronic fatigue, Ross river fever, glandular fever, lack of vitality, repetitive cold and flu infections, debilitated immune function, debilitation from chemotherapy, post infection recovery, liver tonic for hepatitis, bronchial cough, nervous debility, sleeplessness, anxiety, gastric discomfort, diuretic.

Suggested Dosage

Adults only: Take one tablet three times daily for deep seated conditions or one tablet twice daily as a general tonic.

Not to be used in children under 2 years without medical advice.

Health Information

In the last 10 years the herb Echinacea has become the herb of choice by those using natural therapies for any condition which challenges the immune system; from the common cold right through to serious immune deficiency conditions like AID's and cancer.

While Echinacea has a very useful role to play, its action is one of stimulation rather than rebuilding.

In cases of immune deficiencies, the deep "bone marrow" immune tonic formulas incorporating the herb Astragalus are used. A weakened immune system results in persistent colds and flu, exhaustion, food allergies or depression, which leaves the body vulnerable to infection.

Astragalus increases the production of white blood cells and strengthens the body's immune response and vital force. It has an energy boosting action. Astragalus significantly increases interferon production and secretion. Interferon binds to cell surfaces and stimulates the synthesis of proteins that prevent viral infection.

Formulas incorporating astragalus are used in China in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer patients. Chinese investigators have shown they strengthen the individuals immunity to fight the disease as well as prevent bone marrow depressions and gastro-intestinal side effects associated with conventional therapy. These properties obviously have potential for assisting A.I.D.S patients.

Astragalus formulas help rebuild a weakened immune system, so that stimulants like Echinacea will once again work, at times of infection when it is most needed. In traditional Chinese medicine, Astragalus is never used alone. According to Chinese practitioners, it is always taken in a formula supported by other immune rebuilding herbs, such as Reishi mushroom.

The active constituents of Reishi have demonstrated anti-tumour and immune tonic effects. They increase both RNA and DNA synthesis in the bone marrow and enhance natural killer cell activity. The Japanese government have listed Reishi as an adjunct herb for cancer. Preliminary clinical reports and practitioner experience seems to indicate that its immuno-enhancing polysaccharides may make it useful for people who are HIV positive.

Privet fruit is a herb that the Chinese have long used to nourish the liver and kidney. Research shows that it has the effect of increasing white blood cell count in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The Chinese and many other practitioners believe that despite the advances in modern medicine and designer drugs, the only real healer is the body itself. However a body weakened by chronic disease often has lost its reserves of vital force or energy and thus loses its potential to effectively utilize the healing potential.

If you fail to recover your strength and vitality after an illness such as influenza, bronchitis or pneumonia, you will know that you have depleted your immune power. Fatigue, increased susceptibility to infection, swollen glands, night sweats, sore throats, loss of appetite, muscle weakness and mental exhaustion are the main symptoms of a devitalized immune system.

As well as this, a once a year course of Astraforte may help healthy people keep their vitality or Vital force in peak condition. You can also use this as a post-infection recovery tonic. In summary, Echinacea is very beneficial in the short term stimulation of a generally healthy, or slightly weakened, immune system as a preventative or to help reduce the symptoms and severity of infections. Astragalus formulas help rebuild a weakened immune system, so that stimulants like Echinacea will once again work, at times of infection when it is most needed.


Each tablet contains: Astragalus root 1000mg, Reishi Mushroom 500mg, Ligustrum Lucidum (Privet) fruit 500mg.  No added gluten, lactose, peanuts, shellfish, sugar.


Keep out of reach of children. Should not be used with auto immune disorders. NOT be taken by children under 2 years of age. Not recommended during pregnancy & breastfeeding, without first seeking medical advice. If you have a fever, choose an echinacea or olive leaf product, rather than Astraforte. Once your fever has gone, you could then re introduce Astraforte.

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