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Polygonum multiflorum is a Chinese tonic (He Shou Wu) for memory. It is famous as a rejuvenating and longevity herb in China, where it is taken to prevent premature aging, increase fertility and maintain youthful strength and vigour. 200 ml

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200 ml

Common Uses

Liver, kidney and blood tonic, memory, diabetes. Counter the effects of ageing, such as hair loss and muscle tone. Polygonum has been traditionally used for the following: Neurasthenia especially with insomnia, weak connective tissue, high blood cholesterol, premature ageing, tinnitus, dizziness and blurred vision, promotion of longevity, a tonic for the elderly. May be helpful in cases of nervous system diseases such as epilepsy, neuritis and schizophrenia.

Suggested Dosage

Adult: 1ml three times daily. Can be increased to 2ml three times daily over a 3-4 week period.

Health Information

Polygonum is a rejuvenating herbal tonic that can help improve the memory and is specific to the brain. It is helpful in treating deficiency diseases, hypo and hyperglycaemia and diabetes. It is a tonic to the liver and kidneys and can help lower cholesterol. It strengthens the liver and is a general organ strengthening herb, particularly where there is exhaustion and severe deficiencies in the body. As well as this, it has been used as a counter measure to many of the effects of aging, such as loss of hair and muscle tone. There is evidence that it lowers blood cholesterol levels and it is currently being studied for its ability to prevent heart disease and cancer. Studies have shown that this herb helps prevent the development of arteriosclerosis and can help reduce blood lipid levels, however it does not always lower cholesterol. It was also shown to reduce the level of lipid peroxides, being more effective at this than vitamin E. It has been used to help with dizziness associated with tinnitus, for premature greying, knee and lower back pain, as well as numbness of the limbs. With regard to its help in aging, Polygonum antagonizes ageing through inhabitation of a brain monoamine oxidase (MAOB).


Polygonum Multiflorum Root 1.2. Mandarin name He Shou Wu


Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for those with deficient spleen activity or those with excessive phlegm.

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