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L-Arginine - 75 gm

Amino Acid. Major energy source, detoxification of ammonia, digestion, immune system, neurotransmitter. Liver insufficiency, atherosclerosis, hypercholesterolemia. 75 gm

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75 gm

Common Uses

Arginine is a dibasic amino acid which, because it is hydrophilic, is usually found on the outside of globular proteins. Histones are the proteins found in the nucleus of cells in association with the DNA in the form of chromatins. These histones are particularly rich in arginine. Arginine provides the source of the guanidine group in the synthesis of creatine, creatine is a carrier for high energy phosphate which it donates to ADP to form ATP - this is the energy currency for every mammalian cell. This amino acid is essential for the conversion of ammonia, a toxic product of protein metabolism, to the non-toxic and easily excreted compound urea it can also act as a precursor for the synthesis of GABA, a neurotransmitter in the brain. Arginine can increase the secretion of insulin, glucagon and growth hormone. Arginine can also increase the secretion of gastrin, a hormone which, in turn, causes the secretion of gastric acid and pepsin, essential for normal digestion. Use in Sport: As with most sport supplements there have been few properly designed studies to evaluate the effects of arginine on performance. In some of these trials a significant increase in strength has been obse4rved. Some early studies were conducted which were unable to demonstrate an effect of oral arginine on growth hormone. It is clear however, from the studies cited above that under some circumstances oral arginine can influence the secretion of growth hormone. Doses required will be of the order of 30 g per day in an adult. Arginine, since it is a major precursor of creatine, would be expected to cause elevated levels of creatine in muscles. Preparations containing arginine in combination with methionine and glycine the other creatine precursors have been used to provide energy - these products might be expected to work via the two mechanisms set out above - namely increased plasma glucose levels and increased muscle creatine concentration. Medical Uses: Arginine can enhance wound healing and immune response, improves response to chemotherapy of breast cancer, increases host defences in breast cancer. Daily Requirements: Arginine has even classified as a semi-essential amino acid. Under some circumstances, particularly in infants and young children, synthesis from ornithine cannot meet the dual requirements of urea production and protein synthesis.

Suggested Dosage

Take one level teaspoon three times a day.

Health Information

All living plants and animals have in common a certain substance without which life would be impossible. This substance is called protein and comprises almost 80% of our dry body weight. Most of our body is in fact protein structures. This includes hair, skin, nails - even your eyes. On the inside protein is also a major structural component in forming the heart, lungs, muscles and blood vessels. Proteins are made up of a combination of basic units. These units are called amino acids. A few amino acids may combine to make a protein chain, or thousands may join together to form a complicated pattern. Protein is always made up of amino acids. During the body's digestion, foods which contain protein will provide amino acids for metabolism. Many people find they are unable to maintain a sufficient supply for their own body's requirements. It could be that their diet is restricted, such as through vegetarians or you may have a stressful lifestyle. Possibly their needs are much higher than can be met by an average diet, as can be the case for serious sports people. Over recent years powdered amino acids have been used extensively in combating or preventing many health concerns. Singular amino acid supplements require no digestion and can be absorbed rapidly. This efficient process can enable you to target a specific amino acid deficiency associated with a health concern more accurately than a protein food source. To simply eat more protein foods, such as red meat, is not the solution since this could lead to an excess of some non-essential amino acids as well as extra fat and carbohydrates.




Keep out of reach of children

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