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Wartoff Tablets

Wartoff tablets

Naturopharm Wartoff Tablets. For common warts that generally occur on the hands, knees and feet. Very effective. Aids body's normal immune response in fighting viral conditions. Use with Wart off Paint for best results. Wart Off Spray also available. 130 tablets.

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Naturo Pharm


130 Tablets

Common Uses

For common warts generally occurring on the hands, knees and feet. Used to help dry and heal. This is a very effective treatment, when used with Wartoff Paint. Leanne used this on her daughter, who had a wart on her nose. This was a very big wart that seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. We diligently applied the paint twice a day and she took the tablets twice a day. There was little change for the first month, except that the wart did not get any bigger. Then we noticed it got smaller and smaller and after 7-8 weeks of diligence it finally disappeared. The wart is finally gone and her beautiful nose is 'back to normal'.

Suggested Dosage

Suck 1 to 2 tablets in the mouth 3 times a day for at least 6 weeks.

Health Information

Wartoff has been formulated to assist in the pain-free removal of common warts. Wartoff uses a two-step approach to the age-old problem of common warts - no cutting, burning or freezing is involved. Wartoff oral preparations work internally by stimulating the body in remove the wart virus thus helping prevent any further warts appearing. Wartoff paint should be applied to existing warts and will help to dry and remove them. Please be aware that it will take at least 6-8 weeks to respond to this treatment.


Wartoff Oral forms contains homoeopathic potencies of Thuja 30c, Antim Crud 12c, Acid Nit 12c, Dulcamara 30c and Causticum 12c.


Keep out of reach of children

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