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Premium Blend Loose Tea

Premium Blend Loose Tea - 200 gm

Madura Premium Blend Leaf Tea for Infuser or Pot.  Tea quality from any country varies with the seasons.  Only through masterful blending can consistency be achieved.  The perfect cup of tea starts with the perfect blend of the finest teas available.  Madura Premium Blend is a selection of high grown, pure Ceylon and exotic East Asian teas, chosen at their peak of quality and enhanced with Madura's own Australian sub-tropical estate teas, producing a unique, full bodied, bright, strong tea, crafted to suit the most discriminating tea drinkers.  Contains no tannic acid, artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives.  Tea contains antioxidants, some of which are unique to tea.  Averaging 2.8% caffeine by dry weight.  Kosher accredited.  200 gm.

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200 gm

Common Uses

Madura Tea Estates is situated in northern NSW, in a classified world heritage area of pristine rain forests, unpolluted rivers and streams, of eco-sensitive farming and care for the environment. Here, with cool, crisp winters and long hours of sub-tropical sunlight, they create Australia's finest tea. Have as a delicious, refreshing drink, hot or cold. Naturally free of tannic acid and averaging 97% caffeine free. No artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. Organically grown without the use of pesticides. Recyclable packaging. A naturally refreshing beverage.

Suggested Dosage

Use as required. You now have the finest tea and wish to enjoy it. To do this, boil fresh water and scald the pot or cup before putting in one teaspoon for each person and, if desired, one for the pot. Bring fresh water to the boil and pour over and brew for 5 minutes, or less, as suits your palate.  A most refreshing tea, day or night, taken with or without milk.

Health Information

This is what Madura have to tell us about their delicious tea.

Madura - Excellence in Tea

Madura tea is made the way nature intended.

As Australian pioneers of eco-sensitive tea cultivation, we make pure, natural tea that is unrivalled in freshness and flavour.

Naturally low in caffeine, high in antioxidants and full of flavour, Madura tea is cultivated in harmony within the world heritage rainforests and unpolluted rivers of the Tweed Valley, near Murwillumbah.

Our plantation offers a safe haven for native flora and fauna and is home to more than 250,000 tea bushes, providing a naturally occurring ‘carbon sink’ for the region.

Madura is Australia’s first sub-tropical tea plantation, established by a third-generation tea planter from Ceylon in the late 1970s. Ten years later, the company pioneered production of Australian green tea, recognising its natural health benefits.

Today, Madura is owned by four local families and remains Australia’s foremost 100% locally owned and operated tea company.

We blend and package more than 24 tea styles in loose leaf, teabag and silk infuser– from traditional brews such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey, to exotic blends including Green Tea infused with locally grown Lemon Myrtle.

Our imported tea is purchased direct from estates that share the Madura commitment to ethical and sustainable tea farming and production practices, with a primary focus on people, environment and quality.

Our tea is rigorously tested for contaminants, and packed at the Madura estate to guarantee its quality from plantation to cup. We have been named one of the cleanest teas sold in Australia by Choice Magazine, and recognised nationally for our sustainable approach to packaging and waste minimisation.

We also ensure through routine independent testing that Madura tea maintains a naturally low caffeine level of around 2.8% - making it the tea of choice for a healthy lifestyle.

At Madura, there is no compromise on quality.

Taste our tea and discover why Madura means ‘paradise’.

Madura tell us "Our package states 97% caffeine free and in fact our teas contain 2.8% to 3% caffeine. This is not merely a claim but is continually tested for at an independent analytical laboratory. The value would be common to both our Green and black tea blends. However the pure herbals would have no caffeine and the green tea and herbal blends would have the quantity greatly reduced from the stated 3%. This 3% value translates to around 34milligrams of caffeine in a 200 ml cup with the range in tea being from 2.5% (30 milligrams) to 5.5% (70 milligrams). The small amount of caffeine in Madura tea could be reduced by as much as 40% by double brewing of the same bag. Commence the brew but allow the bag to remain for just 20 seconds without jiggling the bag. Remove the bag, discard the brew and recommence brewing of the same bag for the usual 3-4 minutes. This simple process removes most of the caffeine in the 1st brew.



Naturally free of tannic acid and averaging 97% caffeine free. Recyclable packaging. A uniquely refreshing beverage. No artificial colouring or preservatives.


Keep out of reach of children

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