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Urinary With Cranberry 100 caps

Urinary with Cranberry

Nature's Way Urinary with Cranberry. This herbal formula promotes normal urinary tract health. Help to reduce inflammation, burning and bacteria growth during the treatment of urinary tract infections. Is soothing, healing and is very effective in the treatment of these conditions. 100 caps

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Nature's Way


100 Capsules

Common Uses

The synergy of the nutrients in this formula may help reduce inflammation, pain & bacterial infections of the urinary tract. Also useful for urinary gravel, enuresis (bed-wetting), cystitis, uric acid, irritable bladder & urinary retention.

Suggested Dosage

Three capsules twice daily.

Health Information

Cranberry is a traditional remedy for urinary tract infections. Cranberry powerfully inhibits the adherence of bacteria, especially E coli to bladder cells. Without adhesion, bacteria cannot proliferate or cause damage. Research has also shown that Cranberry acts as a prebiotic, enabling "good bacteria" in the GI to thrive, whilst helping destroy the infectious bacteria. Dandelion lessens inflammation and stimulate immune activity, it keeps fluid moving through the urinary tract, inhibiting fluid stagnation and bacteria growth while reducing pain and inflammation. Marshmallow is a cooling, demulcent herb, it is an excellent addition to any formula that is indicated for mucous membrane irritation. Cleavers is a diuretic, lymphatic cleanser and detoxifier and is commonly used for conditions of the urinary tract. Corn Silk reduces inflammation whilst Golden Seal has a analgesic and antibiotic effect on the urinary system.


Ingredients per 3 capsule: Cranberry conc (fruit) 600mg, Dandelion (leaf) 150mg, Marshmallow (root) 150mg, Cleavers (stem, leaf, fruit, flower) 150mg, Corn silk 150mg, Goldenseal (root) 60mg. Other Ingredients: Gelatine (capsule), Silica, Magnesium stearate.


Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for concomitant use with diuretic drugs. Not recommended during pregnancy, lactation or acute gallbladder inflammation or bile duct and intestinal blockage.

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Nature's Way



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