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Ginger Root

Zingiber Officinale

Natures Way Ginger Root - Zingiber officinale. Ginger's gentle warming, relaxing and circulatory properties make it applicable to a wide range of conditions. A great digestive tonic, it's helpful for both motion & morning sickness & other nauseous conditions. Useful in improving circulation. Guaranteed to contain 0.8% total gingerols and gingerdiones to ease stomach discomfort. 180 Vegetarian Capsules

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Nature's Way


180 Vegetarian Capsules

Common Uses

A digestive herb, ginger relieves indigestion, gas and nausea. Deemed more effective at controlling motion-induced nausea than either a drug or placebo. It helps absorb toxins, restore gastric activities to normal, and helps control diarrhoea and vomiting that often accompanies gastrointestinal flu. Useful for suppressed menstruation. Also helpful in any condition where increased blood flow is required such as cold hands and feet and in the prevention of stroke or heart disease.

Suggested Dosage

Recommendation: Two capsules daily.  Take this with a full glass of water or other fluid.  Dosage could be repeated up to two to four times daily with water at mealtimes. Dosage can be repeated on short-term basis for colds, and warming during chills.

Inadequate water consumption can result in a burning sensation in the throat and heartburn. 

Health Information

Ginger the warming herb

Ginger is soothing, warm, and calming to the body, helps support the immune system and settle the stomach. Ginger is one of nature's most remarkable and potent herbs. It's gentle warming, circulating and relaxing properties make it applicable to a wide range of conditions.

Ginger has been used for centuries by many cultures for its health supporting properties for digestion, joint mobility, the immune system, for circulation and for its settling effect during travel. It is also commonly used in morning sickness, to help relieve intestinal gas, mild stomach upsets, and as a digestive aid in low acid conditions.

Its stimulant and tonic effects are similar to those of Cayenne but somewhat milder and centred in the digestive system.


Each 2 capsules contain 1.1 grams (1,100mg) of Ginger Root (Ziniber officinale) which comes from premium Chinese stock.Other ingredients: Plant derived capsule (modified cellulose), cellulose, silica.  Gluten free.  No sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, corn, soy, dairy products, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Keep out of reach of children. A healthcare professional should be consulted before use in pregnancy, in the presence of gallstones, or if anticoagulant medication is being used.

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