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News Items for 2007

13 Sep 2007 Pylons Major Health Hazard Inquiry Told
7 Sep 2007 Broccoli proves to be ally in prostate cancer fight
31 Aug 2007 Veggies better than fruit as guard against diabetes
16 Aug 2007 Pine Pollen Arrives
16 Aug 2007 Least Healthy Products Most Popular at Supermarket
24 Jun 2007 NZ Bee Compound Gives Tumours the Buzz-Off
23 Jun 2007 Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Lower Genetic Risk for Prostate Cancer
22 Jun 2007 Sweetener Implicated in Illness
15 Jun 2007 Winston's Therapeutics Plan Is An Expensive Sham
14 Jun 2007 Six Months To Live - Then Cured By Vitamins
7 Jun 2007 Blood-Pressure Changes With Acupuncture Comparable to ACE-Inhibitor Monotherapy
14 Apr 2007 Cocoa, but Not Tea, Lowers Blood Pressure
11 Apr 2007 Mediterranean Diet May Protect Against Childhood Asthma-Like Symptoms and Rhinitis
26 Mar 2007 Vitamin C Shown to Have Vital Role in Body's Battle Against Cancer Cells
17 Mar 2007 Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors Increase Fracture Risk in Older Adults
15 Mar 2007 Zinc Supplementation May Decrease Incidence of Infections in the Elderly
9 Mar 2007 Low-Carb Diets Safe and Effective for Weight Loss
9 Mar 2007 Women: Want to Add Years to Your Life?
9 Mar 2007 Exercise Slows Deterioration in Alzheimer's Disease Patients
9 Mar 2007 Folic Acid Might Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
1 Mar 2007 Blackmores Dismisses Flawed Antioxidant Research
14 Feb 2007 Vitamin D Slows Booze-Related Bone Loss
14 Feb 2007 Another Reason to Drink Red
14 Feb 2007 Study Reveals Recipe For Success in Cancer Fight
12 Feb 2007 Increase in Kidney Stones Shows Link to Diabetes
8 Feb 2007 Folic Acid May Help Keep Older Brains Ticking Longer
25 Jan 2007 Cough and Cold Medications May Cause Infant Death
21 Jan 2007 Dermal Exposure to Chemotherapy Drugs Impairs Fertility in Nurses
19 Jan 2007 What to Expect From Your "Multi"
19 Jan 2007 5-HTP the Serotonin Connection
18 Jan 2007 Activated Charcoal
17 Jan 2007 Unleash the Power of "TRUE" Oregano Oil
16 Jan 2007 Better Balance with Wild Yam Creams and Gels
16 Jan 2007 Evening Primrose: "Cure-all" For the Skin
15 Jan 2007 Probiotic: Antibiotic Balance
15 Jan 2007 Minty Relief for Irritable Bowel
15 Jan 2007 Digestive Issues Just Slip Away
12 Jan 2007 Say Good-Bye to Dry Eye

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