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News Items for 2003

24 Nov 2003 Efamarine - Help for Joint Mobility and the Maintenance of Immunity
20 Nov 2003 Testosterone Improves Sexual Function in Women With Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
17 Nov 2003 Year Round Healthy Circulation With Garlicin HC
10 Nov 2003 Intestinal Relief From Peppermint Gels
3 Nov 2003 Possibly One of the World's Greatest Herbal Discoveries
30 Oct 2003 Smoking Associated With Increased Risk of Multiple Sclerosis
28 Oct 2003 Low-Fat, High-Carb Diet for Morbidly Obese Tied to Liver Inflammation
25 Oct 2003 Cystitis and Bladder Infections - the Mighty Cranberry
23 Oct 2003 Maca as a Herbal Alternative to HRT
22 Oct 2003 Stroke Risk Increased in Hypertensive Women Using HRT
15 Oct 2003 Reduce Abdominal Fat With CLA
15 Oct 2003 High Dairy Product Intake Associated With an Increased Testicular Cancer Risk
13 Oct 2003 Repair Gastrointestinal Damage With Colostrum
9 Oct 2003 Not Only to Fight Obesity and Depression - Rhodiola - More Powerful Than Ginseng!
8 Oct 2003 Infants Treated With Antibiotics at Increased Risk for Atopy and Asthma
8 Oct 2003 Evidence Accumulates That HRT Benefits Overwhelmed by Risks
7 Oct 2003 Iron Supplementation Beneficial in Healthy, Full-Term Infants
7 Oct 2003 High-Protein Diet in Type 2 Diabetes
2 Oct 2003 Childhood Vaccination: Is There a "dark side"
2 Oct 2003 Age at First Exposure to Cereal Linked to Risk of Diabetes
29 Sep 2003 New Study Links Low Cholesterol to Suicide in Depressed Patients
29 Sep 2003 Flame Retardant Found in Breast Milk
29 Sep 2003 Large, Healthcare-Related Hepatitis Outbreaks Traced to Unsafe Injection Practices
29 Sep 2003 Menopause Not Linked to Decline in Cognitive Functioning
24 Sep 2003 Higher Fruit, Vegetable Intake Associated With Lower Stroke Risk
24 Sep 2003 Higher Dose, Longer Use of Inhaled Steroids Linked to Cataract Risk
24 Sep 2003 Esophageal and Gastric Cancer in Population Tied to a Few Main Risk Factors
22 Sep 2003 The Power of "True Oregano Oil"
22 Sep 2003 Pregnancy Exercise Recommendations Growing More Liberal
18 Sep 2003 Cayenne As Circulatory Stimulant
13 Sep 2003 NSAIDs tied to Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma risk in Women
12 Sep 2003 The Echinacea Experts
4 Sep 2003 Potentilla Extract Reduces Rotavirus Diarrhea Duration in Children
4 Sep 2003 Milk Protein Offers New Tool to Prevent Meat Contamination
2 Sep 2003 Breast Cancer Risk Not Increased Among Antihistamine Users
1 Sep 2003 Behind the Science of Sambucol Virologist Developed Clinically Tested
27 Aug 2003 Capsaicin Safe, Effective for Intractable Pruritis Ani
27 Aug 2003 MRSA: A Growing Cause of Skin Infections in US Athletes
27 Aug 2003 World Seen Facing Diabetes Catastrophe, Impact May Outpace AIDS
25 Aug 2003 Doctors Recommend a Multi-Vitamin a Day
22 Aug 2003 Risk of Life-Threatening Asthma Seen With Salmeterol
22 Aug 2003 For-Profit Research More Favorable in Drug Trials
21 Aug 2003 Boost Your Seven Immune Systems
19 Aug 2003 Pick the Right Herbs
17 Aug 2003 Women Unaware of Viral Link to Cervical Cancer
17 Aug 2003 Bacterial Vaginosis Early in Pregnancy a Strong Risk Factor for Preterm Delivery
17 Aug 2003 T Cell Elevation Linked With Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors
10 Aug 2003 Current Combined HRT Use Doubles Risk of Breast Cancer
8 Aug 2003 Breathing Technique Helps Reduce Asthma Symptoms
1 Aug 2003 Good News for Supplements
21 Jul 2003 Fructose Intolerance May Cause Unexplained Gastrointestinal Symptoms
19 Jul 2003 Soy Protein With Isoflavones Has Favorable Effect on Lipids in Postmenopausal Women
19 Jul 2003 Flawed Research Methods May Mask a Link Between Dietary Fat and Breast Cancer
19 Jul 2003 Vitamin C Use May Lower Heart Disease Risk
19 Jul 2003 Fat Intake Linked to Breast Cancer in Premenopausal Women
12 Jul 2003 US Government to Require Trans-Fat Labels on Food
8 Jul 2003 Melissa officinalis Extract Benefits Patients With Mild-to-Moderate Alzheimer's Disease
25 Jun 2003 Garlic, An Ancient Herb for Good Health
15 Jun 2003 Glycyrrhizin Inhibits Replication of SARS Virus in Vitro
15 Jun 2003 Food Allergies May Trigger Life-Threatening Asthma Attacks
15 Jun 2003 Moderate Drinking May Cut Women's Risk of Diabetes
15 Jun 2003 Is This the Secret Weapon Against Chronic Fatigue, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease?
29 May 2003 Smoking Increases Risk of Familial Pancreatic Cancer
29 May 2003 Estrogen-Progestin Associated With Increased Risk of Stroke and Dementia
29 May 2003 Advisers Reiterate Need to Wait Before Giving Smallpox Vaccine to First Responders
27 May 2003 Home Cooking Is The Biggest Food Poisioning Risk
27 May 2003 Ritalin Slows Growth In Children: Study
25 May 2003 Pregnant Women exposed to Smallpox Vaccine
24 May 2003 Smallpox Vaccine-Related Myopericarditis and Encephalomyelitis Cases Under Investigation
23 May 2003 Colostrum Benefits Sports People
22 May 2003 Use of Probiotics in Atopic Diseases
17 May 2003 One Drink a Day Improves Overall Cardiovascular Health
17 May 2003 Low Bone Mineral Density Linked to Dementia in Women
10 May 2003 Suboptimal Glycemic Control Ups The Risk of Having A Stillbirth in Diabetic Women
5 May 2003 Study Finds Natural Alternative May Ease Pain for Arthritis Sufferers
4 May 2003 Gallstones Linked to Tamoxifen Use
4 May 2003 Dietary Fiber Lowers Colon Cancer Risk
1 May 2003 Improve Liver Function With Artichoke
30 Apr 2003 Saw Palmetto Extract Effective in Treating Chronic Prostatitis
30 Apr 2003 Antidepressant, Narcotic Use Tied to Increased Fracture Risk in Older Women
30 Apr 2003 Lifestyle Changes May Prevent or Reverse Prostate Cancer
30 Apr 2003 Physical Activity Can Reduce CVD Risk in Diabetic Men
26 Apr 2003 Fish Oils for Dyslexia & ADHD
20 Apr 2003 Detox Your Body - Improve Your Energy
15 Apr 2003 Low Fat Foods Promote Obesity
11 Apr 2003 Gymnema Sylvestre - Traditional Herb to Help Control Blood Sugar
5 Apr 2003 Natural Trends in Diabetes Care
1 Apr 2003 Winning the Battle With Candida & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
29 Mar 2003 Healthy Eye & Brain Development for Babies
22 Mar 2003 Red Raspberry Eases Pregnancy
20 Mar 2003 Pau d'Arco Inner Bark - Anti-Fungal, Anti-Cancer
15 Mar 2003 Leaky Gut Syndrome
13 Mar 2003 Armoracia - Horseradish Root - Discover the Metabolic Catalyst
3 Mar 2003 Silica - Anti Aging Mineral
23 Feb 2003 Trilogy Rosehip Oil - Why It's Just So Good For The Skin
20 Feb 2003 Fenugreek Seeds - Powerful Multiple Remedy
15 Feb 2003 Hot Tea Much Healthier Than a Warm Cuppa
15 Feb 2003 How to Boost Your Brain Power
7 Feb 2003 Why Take Primadophilus?
5 Feb 2003 Improved Colostrum Provides Extra Health Benefits
20 Jan 2003 Dietary Changes Can Lower Colon Cancer Risk
7 Jan 2003 Toxic Rot in Homes Linked to Sickness

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