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Breathing Technique Helps Reduce Asthma Symptoms

Breathing Technique Helps Reduce Asthma Symptoms

Friday, August 8th 2003

The Russian Buteyko technique, which involves reduction in the frequency and depth of breathing, can improve symptoms and reduce bronchodilator use in patients with asthma, UK researchers report in the August 1st issue of Thorax.

Susan Cooper and colleagues at City Hospital, Nottingham, note that the approach, based on the belief that asthma is caused by hyperventilation and hypercapnia, is used worldwide and has sparked patient interest in the UK.

To investigate, the researchers studied 90 asthmatics who were randomized to use of the Eucapnic Buteyko technique (an adaptation of the original Buteyko technique), use of a device which mimicked the breath restriction employed in the pranayama yoga breathing technique, or to a placebo device which offered no resistance to breathing.

Buteyko patients were given five 2-hour training sessions by a certified practitioner and were told to use the technique twice daily and to relieve asthma symptoms. They were also instructed to employ tape to avoid mouth breathing when asleep and to avoid stress and certain foods.

In the 69 patients who completed the 6-month study, no between-group differences were seen in lung function (FEV1), bronchial responsiveness, the number of exacerbations or in the ability to reduce dosages of inhaled corticosteroids.

However, there was a median reduction of 3 in symptom scores in the Buteyko group, compared to 1 in the pranayama group and 0 in the placebo group. Buteyko patients also managed to reduce bronchodilator use by 2 puffs a day. No change was seen in the other 2 groups.

In a statement, Ms. Cooper observed that the "the Buteyko technique appeared to help these patients adapt to their asthma and feel more in control of their treatment. However, we didn't find evidence to suggest that the underlying disease is altered."

Given these findings, the researchers conclude that the approach "may be worth trying in patients who are sympathetic to the ethos and are willing to commit to the time required."

In an accompanying editorial, Dr. M. Thomas of Stroud Hospital agrees that many patients wish to explore non-pharmacological treatments, and that although progress is being made, "further controlled studies are required to confirm effectiveness and clarify mechanisms of benefit if found."

Thorax 2003;58:674-679

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