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One Drink a Day Improves Overall Cardiovascular Health

One Drink a Day Improves Overall Cardiovascular Health

Saturday, May 17th 2003

People who drink one drink a day in any form - whether as wine, beer or hard liquor - show significantly better elasticity of their body's arteries, a potent measure of cardiovascular health, according to research to be presented Friday at the meeting of the American Society of Hypertension.

"We thought only red wine helps, but we found if people drink one beer or one unit of hard liquor a day, they also have improved arterial elasticity, better than nondrinkers," said Dr. Reuven Zimlichman of Wolfson Medical Center and Tel Aviv University, Israel.

The researchers also found that moderate drinkers had pulse rates that were significantly lower than those of nondrinkers. "There's been lots of study of pulse rates and the risk of disease," Zimlichman said. He noted that higher pulse rates are associated with an increased risk of disease and death, and people with disease but lower pulse rates tend to do better over time.

In comparing wine drinkers with drinkers who favor other alcoholic beverages, the researchers observed that beer and hard liquor drinkers had slightly higher blood pressure than wine drinkers. But in this study all drinkers had blood pressure within normal ranges, Zimlichman stressed.

The researchers studied 243 healthy people between the ages of 15 and 80 who volunteered to fill out questionnaires and be tested at clinics in seven European countries. They excluded people who drank more than one drink a day, and adjusted their findings for age because arterial elasticity commonly gets worse with age. They also excluded all smokers except those who smoked only a couple of cigarettes a day, and mild obesity was allowed.

Asked if this study means nondrinkers should start drinking, Zimlichman pointed out that heavy drinking itself can cause high blood pressure.

"Whenever you recommend drinking, you have to consider the possibility that somebody will like it too much and over drink and cause damage to his health," he said. "But if someone has a high risk of cardiovascular disease, I recommend to my patients that they drink one glass of red wine a day."

Although his study showed similar benefits for beer and hard liquor as for wine, Zimlichman only recommends wine. "Those who drink one drink of hard liquor a day have more of a chance to increase the dose," he noted

Sourced from NEW YORK (Reuters Health) May 15 2003

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