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Discover how Vitamin D puts the brakes on Cancer

Discover how Vitamin D puts the brakes on Cancer

Tuesday, July 16th 2013

Vitamin D is rarely out of the spotlight these days, as study after study attests to its incredible health benefits. Its been found to help fight everything from depression and heart disease to diabetes and cancer. With regards to the latter, the latest vitamin D research findings herald an important breakthrough.
A team of Canadian researchers, led by McGill professors John White and David Goltzman, of the Faculty of Medicine’s Department of Physiology, have found that vitamin D may help battle cancers by blocking cell growth and slowing the progression of premalignant to malignant states (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, published online ahead of print).
The researchers claim that vitamin D acts to block cancer formation by several mechanisms that inhibit both the production and function of a specific protein called cMYC, which is required for cell division.
cMYC drives cell division and is active at elevated levels in more than half of all cancers. The findings of the current study suggest that vitamin D can alter this situation.
Commenting on the findings, Professor White said: “We discovered that vitamin D controls both the rate of production and the degradation of cMYC. More importantly, we found that vitamin D strongly stimulates the production of a natural antagonist of cMYC called MXD1, essentially shutting down cMYC function.”
The researchers claim that vitamin D acts to suppress the expression of genes regulated by cMYC and enhanced MXD1 expression and stability, “dramatically altering ratios of DNA-bound cMYC and MXD1.”
Professor White added: “Our results show that vitamin D puts the brakes on cMYC function, suggesting that it may slow the progression of cells from premalignant states and keep their proliferation in check. We hope that our research will encourage people to maintain adequate vitamin D supplementation and will stimulate the development of large, well-controlled cancer chemoprevention trials to test the effects of adequate supplementation.”
Although vitamin D can be obtained from limited dietary sources and directly from exposure to the sun during the spring and summer months, the combination of poor dietary intake and sun avoidance has created vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency in large proportions of many populations worldwide. To supplement take a minimum of 2,00IU of vitamin D3 a day.
Sourced from the Health Sciences Institute HIS UK Members Alert Jan 2013.

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