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New Emu Oil range from Emu Spirit

New Emu Oil range from Emu Spirit

Thursday, February 21st 2013

Emu Spirit is Australia’s largest grower, manufacturer and exporter of Emu oil and Emu oil based products. After 9 years of research into all aspects of Emu oil production, Emu Spirit 100% Pure Emu Oil was born. 

Emu Spirit’s Oil of Emu is exceptionally active because it is sourced from matured birds raised in a chemically free environment, on a scientifically designed organic diet.  Emu Spirit care about their Emus!
As well as their high quality end product, Emu Spirit’s Emu’s have been able to have a good quality of life, having lived for three years, as well as having gone through one breeding cycle. Compare this to other emu farms, where many of them process their emus prior to their breeding season.
In Emu Spirit’s experience, they have found that their Emu’s, which have had this quality of life, produce higher quality, more active oil than Emu’s that have not gone through a breeding season.
At Emu Spirit, they control all stages of production, from the farming of the Emus, to the rendering of the fat into the 100% Pure Emu oil. They do this using their patented rendering system OilTek™ at their factory in Melbourne. 
Emu Spirit’s rendering system OilTek™ was devised by one of the world’s leading oil chemists, Mr. Andy Baker. This process is exclusive to Emu Spirit and Emu Spirit’s products and produces a stable, 100% pure oil that maintains the same natural molecular structure as the raw, natural product (emu fat).   

Because of this technique, Emu Spirit produces the most active natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that nature has to offer.
Emu Spirit were the first company to successfully list Emu Oil on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as an active ingredient for the treatment of a range of inflammatory conditions. As well as this, they commissioned full Oral Toxic Testing on Emu Oil (Pharmatox T2334).
Emu Spirit products made from 100% Pure Emu Oil are food grade tested by Food Laboratories (Aust) Pty Ltd.
What are the health benefits from the internal and external use of Emu Spirit Pure Emu oil?
Emu Spirit Oil of Emu 100% Pure Emu Oil can be used topically and also taken internally to help relieve the symptoms of a wide range of inflammation based ailments such as arthritis and rheumatism, muscular aches and pains, eczema and psoriasis. As well as this, it may also aid in the recovery of damaged skin including repair of burns, sun spots, scar tissue, bruising, sun burn, cuts, dry skin and nappy rash. 

The capsules may be of benefit for the following inflammation based conditions – such as providing temporary relief from the pain of arthritis and rheumatism, relief of pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS) and relief from the symptoms of eczema and effects of psoriasis on the skin. Initially a large dosage is needed, but after 8-12 weeks, this may be able to be reduced. In most cases, relief is observed within the first 3-6 weeks. 
Emu Spirit high quality Emu Oil products
Emu Spirit’s therapeutic range of products includes their Arthritic and Muscular Rub, which contains 59% Emu oil mixed with a combination of wintergreen, eucalyptus, clove bud, peppermint and black pepper oils. The Arthritic and Muscular Rub is perfect for all sports injuries, muscular aches and pains, rheumatism and arthritis.
Emu Spirits “Hero” products are their Oil of Emu and Oil of Emu Omega 3, 6, 9 Capsules, which contain nothing less than 100% pure pharmaceutical grade Emu oil. This pure Emu Oil can be taken for a wide range of inflammatory conditions and it is interesting to note that 12-18 Emu Spirit Capsules is equivalent to 3 teaspoons of Emu Spirit Oil of Emu when ingested.   For acute inflammation, both the oil and capsules can be taken together. 
Emu Spirit 100% Pure Emu oil comes in three different sizes. For the medicine cupboard, the 125ml bottle is perfect and for more therapeutic use they have the 500ml & 1 Litre bottles. 
The Omega 369 Oil of Emu Capsules, which contain 100% Pure Emu oil come in 120, 252 and 500 capsules. Each capsule contains 750mg of pure Emu oil. 
A comprehensive scientific study published in the international medical journal “Inflammopharmacology” established that Emu Oil was an extremely active, naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of arthritis. This independent research tested the Emu oils available and found the Emu Spirit Oil of Emu to be the MOST active oil tested.   As well as this, Emu Spirit oil proved to be 4 times as effective in the treatment of inflammation, when compared to other oils tested.
For some extra pampering, the Emu Spirit Moisturising Soap bar which is enriched with Oil of Emu, cleanses and moisturises, leaving your skin soft and supple. The combination of the penetrating properties of Oil of Emu in a vegetable soap base allows this soap to be used as a facial cleanser without drying the sensitive skin around the face. This soap is perfect to use of delicate babies skin, problem skin or anyone suffering from eczema or other skin conditions. 
Emu Spirit – Natures Anti-Inflammatory.

Information sourced from Emu Spirit Ltd.

The following products are all available in the Emu Spirit range:

Emu Oil 750mg 500 Capsules
Emu Oil 750mg 252 Capsules
Emu Oil 750mg 120 Capsules
Emu Oil Arthritic & Muscular Rub 55gm
Emu Oil Arthritic & Muscular Rub 230gm
Emu Oil Moisturing Soap
Oil of Emu (100% Pure Emu Oil) 1 Litre
Oil of Emu (100% Pure Emu Oil) 500ml
Oil of Emu (100% Pure Emu Oil) 125ml

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