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Efamol Mother & Baby DHA. Support for you and your baby.

Efamol Mother & Baby DHA. Support for you and your baby.

Thursday, September 20th 2012

Efamol Mother & Baby DHA Suplement

Mother & Baby is a brand new, clinically researched essential fatty acid product from the essential fatty acid specialists Efamol®.

Each Mother & Baby softgel provides an unprecedented 375mg of DHA, to ensure healthy outlook for mums throughout pregnancy and lactation, and support neurological and immune development in the infant.

Efamol Mother & Baby in Largest Scientific Study Of Its Kind, The DOMINO Trial.

In the largest scientific study of its kind (the DOMINO trial), supplementing with Efamol® Mother & Baby was shown to provide support for the attainment of a healthy full-term pregnancy and healthy birth weight. Ensuring a baby is delivered at full term is of the utmost importance as pre-term delivery predisposes offspring to a whole range of developmental, physical and behavioural problems.

Efamol Mother & Baby Supports Health Nervous System Development

Of similar benefit is ensuring that a baby is a healthy, bonny weight, as babies born with healthy reserves are more likely to prosper despite illness. The same trial also showed that supplementing with Efamol® Mother & Baby supports healthy nervous system development and function in offspring. Infants born to mothers who were in the DHA supplement group were significantly less likely to be classified as slow developers.

Efamol Mother & Baby Supports a Healthy Mood in Post Natal Period

Mums will also benefit from supplementing with Mother & Baby. Research shows that supplementation supports a healthy mood and outlook in during the post-natal period compared to the rest of the population, despite sleepless nights, hormonal changes and restless babies. Sleepless nights can become more frequent when poor little babies have itchy, scratchy skin troubles.

Efamol Mother & Baby Promotes Healthy, Itch Free Skin in Infants

Studies show that supplementation with Efamol® Mother & Baby during pregnancy supports competent immune function and promotes healthy, clear, itch free skin in infants. That’s great news for families with a propensity towards skin troubles.

All of this just adds to the plethora of research on the benefits of supplementing with high DHA fish oil during pregnancy, such as supporting more a mature immune system which equals less ills and chills during the first six months of life.

Efamol Mother & Baby DHA for Health Development & Cognition

High DHA fish oil intake is also correlated with a more mature sleep/wake cycle and this means more time sleeping at night and less time keeping mum and dad awake. Volumes of research have historically linked high DHA fish oil to healthy development and cognition (and this means brainy babies).

So if you are thinking about having a baby, are pregnant or are breastfeeding, give your children the advantage with Efamol® Mother & Baby.

Efamol Mother & Baby 120 softgels

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