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The Good Oil for Baby-boomers

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Thursday, November 13th 2008

After childhood years being admonished to eat their veggies, the baby-boomer generation is now being told to eat more oily fish. Find our best Fish Oil supplement here.

The fish contains long-chain omega-3, credited in an Australian report issued in NZ yesterday with cutting the risk of chronic ailments including cardiovascular disease.

The report says baby-boomers aged 43 to 62 could provide huge savings for the health system if they consumed the recommended intakes of omega-3.

That equates to about two or three 150g serves of oily fish a week, fish oil capsules or liquid, or other foods enriched with marine omega-3.

Wendy Morgan, nutrition adviser for Sydney's Omega-3 Centre, told a functional foods and edible oils conference in Auckland that in the next 25 years the number of New Zealanders over 65 would double, with huge implications for the health sector.

Mrs Morgan said the centre's report pulled together Australian research which showed the benefits of eating oily fish, or consuming fish oil, as a source of long-chain omega-3.

"It is really important for this group of baby-boomers as they age."

She said there was "interesting" but not yet conclusive evidence of its benefits for problems such as obesity, diabetes, depression and dementia.

There was, however, strong evidence that omega-3 reduced the risks of heart disease, eye problems, and rheumatoid arthritis.

One study, for example, showed that eating recommended amounts of oily fish reduced by up to 75 per cent the onset of macular degeneration, causing loss of vision and possibly blindness.

Not only did omega-3 cut the risk of heart disease but it was even more powerful in preventing a second heart attack by up to 45 per cent.

Mrs Morgan said the overall benefits were savings to the health system from the treatment of chronic diseases in the ageing population and improved quality of life for the individuals.

The research showed baby-boomers were often already on special diets and interested in nutrition, but their intake of oily fish was not high.

"This is a call to action for baby boomers ... our message is start consuming omega-3 now."

Mrs Morgan said the actual intake was estimated at only about one fifth of what was needed to make a difference.

Long-chain omega-3 was found mostly in fish like salmon and sardines. While it was present in meat, the chains were not as long and therefore less valuable.

Mrs Morgan said omega-3 was found in every cell in the body but needed to be regularly replenished.

It was important in diet throughout a person's life, right from when a baby was in the womb.

Mrs Morgan said that while awareness levels were increasing, people were still not eating enough omega-3 and doctors were partly to blame for not telling patients of its benefits.

A United States study had shown that while most doctors knew about omega-3, and that it was beneficial, only 17 per cent remembered to tell patients with heart disease.

Mrs Morgan said the work of the Omega-3 Centre, a non-profit organisation, was supported by the Australian Heart Foundation and partly funded by commercial interests.


Recommended average daily dose of long-chain omega-3:

* 500mg to reduce risk of heart disease.
* 1000mg if you already have heart disease.
* 3000mg a day if you have high triglyceride levels or rheumatoid arthritis (check with doctor first).

Sourced from NZ Herald Thursday 13 November 2008. Article by Angela Gregory

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