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Six Months To Live - Then Cured By Vitamins

Six Months To Live - Then Cured By Vitamins

Thursday, June 14th 2007

In 1994 Nicola Grace was diagnosed with leukaemia and given six months to live, a 32-year-old New Zealander then living in Australia whose life options had suddenly run out.

For years Nicola had lived the normal Kiwi life. She worked at numerous jobs … ran a contemporary dance studio, worked in youth theatre, had been a press officer at Channel 4 during her OE in England. Then it all came crashing down.

She had moved to Sydney, hoping the warmer climate might end a lingering bout of ill health. Instead she received a literal death sentence.

Despite the grim odds Nicola made a crucial decision: she wouldn't undertake the chemotherapy treatment normally ordered for leukaemia, but would use natural remedies to fight for her life.

"I knew chemotherapy could only extend my life a short time, but it would degrade the quality of it," says Nicola, now a healthy 44. "Years earlier when I'd run my dance studio I also seen lots of children who developed leukaemia had chemotherapy and then died."

Nicola enrolled the help of a medical doctor who specialised in natural remedies and also visited other holistic practitioners. Eventually the leukaemia disappeared, never to return, using a regime of high quality lymphatic enzymes, minerals, high doses of Vitamin C, niacin and other B vitamins.

But this is where her story becomes even more extraordinary.

While Nicola recovered, what truly shocked her was Australian government legislation that meant some of the vitamins she needed were illegal (including the simple B vitamin niacin in the form she needed), while others were not available in the doses needed.

Nicola was forced to spend hundreds of dollars on postage to ship the remedies she needed from America and New Zealand, including an acidophilus product and herbs.

It was that pivotal experience that now sees Nicola leading marches and rallies across this country as she fights to protect New Zealanders' rights to health freedom.

Nicola, who now owns organic beauty salon Spa Trek in Auckland, says the Therapeutic Products and Medicines Bill currently before our parliament will bring draconian Australian rules to New Zealand.

"It wasn't just the inability to buy natural remedies," she says, "but also the incredible fear and intimidation that doctors and health practitioners who work with these remedies were put under in Australia. Even now I'd never mention their names for fear of possible reprisals against them from Australian authorities."

The feisty blue-eyed blonde is a dynamic worker against the proposed Bill. She says: "This Bill would endanger the lives of many New Zealanders.

"Being unable to access the natural supplements needed will, without doubt, shorten the lives of many New Zealanders who need them for fighting illness and to stay well.

"It's about our health choices being taken away and it's so crazy. Every person in this country contributes huge amounts of money to pay for pharmaceutical drugs through our taxes … yet when it comes to cheap, effective natural remedies we are told they are potentially unsafe and their availability must be monitored and limited.

"You have to wonder what the true agenda is.

"What we are really seeing is the insidious hand of Codex Alimentarius legislation that seeks world harmonization which really means we are losing access to natural remedies around the world."

Nicola says one of the most effective and simple thing people can do who want to safeguard their right to buy natural remedies in the future is visit the NZ Health Trust website There she says they will find background information about the bill and how they can make their voices heard.

"There were a number of things I did to cure myself of leukaemia," says Nicola, "I improved my nutrition, I undertook a daily spiritual practice, I thought positively … but being able to take vitamins, enzymes and minerals were the critical component of my return to health."

Nicola is available for interviews. Contact available.

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