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Study Reveals Recipe For Success in Cancer Fight

Study Reveals Recipe For Success in Cancer Fight

Wednesday, February 14th 2007

Broccoli and tomato slow growth of tumours, say researchers

Eating broccoli and tomatoes together has the potential to slow the growth of prostate tumours.

Experiments in rats show that combining the vegetables instead of eating them separately, or taking lycopene supplements, can help treat the cancer, researchers report in the journal Cancer Research.

The findings show that men hoping to beat or prevent prostate cancer should stick with whole foods, rather than dietary supplements, Kirstie Canene-Adams, a doctoral candidate at the University of Illinois and the study's lead author, said.

The human equivalent of the study rats' diet would be 2.5 cups of cherry tomatoes, two 7.6cm tomatoes, or one cup of tomato sauce daily along with 1.5 cups of broccoli every day, Canene-Adams said. Epidemiological studies have shown that men who consume that much broccoli and tomato three to five times weekly cut their prostate cancer risk by 30 per cent, she said.

In their study, Canene-Adams and her team fed rats a variety of diets: food supplemented with different concentrations of lycopene, a phyto-chemical contained in tomatoes; tomato powder, broccoli powder; 5 per cent broccoli powder plus 5 per cent tomato powder; or 10 per cent broccoli plus 10 per cent tomato. The animals stayed on their allotted diet for one month before being implanted with prostate tumour tissue.

Other tumour-implanted rats were fed a normal diet but were given the drug finasteride, which is used to treat benign prostate enlargement, while others were castrated.

Tumour growth was slowest in the castrated animals, followed by those given the 10 per cent tomato and 10 per cent broccoli diet. Microscopic studies showed that the most concentrated veggie combination enhanced destruction of tumour cells and slowed their growth.

However, animals given only lycopene did not show a significant reduction in tumour growth.

Canene-Adams pointed out that many men with slow-growing prostate cancers would be monitored by their physician to see if the growth accelerated, before having treatment with drugs, radiation or surgery.

"Diet is maybe something very simple with no side effects, that they can do during this period that will slow the growth of their cancer," she concluded.

Sourced from New Zealand Herald, Thursday 25 January 2007

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