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Vitamin D Slows Booze-Related Bone Loss

vitamin D and bone loss

Wednesday, February 14th 2007

New research shows vitamin D or an anti-osteoporosis drug can prevent alcohol-related bone loss caused by regular binge drinking.

"We know that repeated binge drinking resulting in high alcohol levels over time results in osteoporosis," said principal investigator Dr Frederick Wezeman, from Loyola University Medical Centre, Illinois.

"We've been able to intervene and prevent this by higher doses of vitamin D as well as Boniva, which can be prescribed."

In a study on rats, Dr Wezeman observed that large quantities of alcohol, similar to those taken in by binge drinkers, led to a significant decrease in bone mineral density and bone strength. "If you are an alcoholic, you are damaging your skeleton."

Treating the rats, before alcohol exposure, with a safe and effective dose of vitamin D prevented alcohol induced bone loss, significantly increasing bone mineral density in the tibia and lower spine. In addition, pre-treatment with a single dose of Boniva also prevented alcohol-induced bone loss.

"The mechanism of action of vitamin D and Boniva is different," Dr Wezeman said, "but the outcome is the same."

Repeated binge drinking results in osteoporosis over time.

Source, New Zealand Herald, Thursday 1 February 2007

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