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What to Expect From Your "Multi"

What to Expect From Your "Multi"

Friday, January 19th 2007

When taking a quality multi vitamin and mineral formula, you may experience higher energy levels, improved brain function, fewer colds and infections, less seasonal allergies and other health benefits. If you are already fit, healthy and eating really well you may feel nothing. If you are among those who feel nothing, it doesn't mean that the higher levels of nutrients you are ingesting are not being used by your body. Instead of immediate results, many of the benefits are just more long term, such as lowered risk for heart disease and cancer.

When shopping for a multi-nutrient supplement, look for a balance of important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and compare the ingredients and strengths in different brands. Generally, the cheaper the multi the less nutrients it will contain. Take time with your decision and make sure you get the most effective product.

Radiance Multi-Power provides a full spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and digestive aids.

Radiance Multi-Power is one of the most comprehensive multi-nutrient supplements on the New Zealand market. Amongst the 46 ingredients you'll find boron, molybdenum, selenium, vanadium and zinc. Our glacial and volcanic New Zealand soils are low in all of these minerals. New Zealand, for example, has one of the lowest levels in the world of molybdenum, a trace mineral essential for the function of almost every metabolic process in the body. Selenium has been extensively studied and found to be a powerful antioxidant and protective against the development of several forms of cancer.

Nutrients are the key to healthy ageing, that's why Radiance Multi-Power offers the outstanding additional support of ingredients such as green tea extract, lutein, lycopene, milk thistle and octacosanol for eye, liver, endocrine and over all health.

Natural health practitioners, and now many researchers and doctors agree that taking a quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is not only recommended, but vital to an individuals optimal health in the 21st century. Remember that quality, diversity and strength are the key to a truly cost effective, health promoting multi-nutrient supplement. Compare Radiance Multi-Power next time you need to replenish your supply.

Reproduced unabridged from the January - March 2007 issue of Health and Herbal News, with the kind permission of Health and Herbs International Ltd.

Footnote from Ideal Health:

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Disclaimer: The health information presented here has been written for the New Zealand health consumer. It is of a general nature and is only intended to provide a summary of the subjects covered. The information is not intended to be comprehensive or to provide medical advice to you. While all care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, no responsibility or liability is accepted, and no person should act in reliance on any statement contained in the information provided. All health ailments should be treated by a qualified health professional.


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