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Pregnant Women Should Eat for Two - Right? Wrong!

Pregnant Women Should Eat for Two - Right?  Wrong!

Friday, October 13th 2006

It sounds like good advice but the truth is most of us are already eating for two! The real trick to a healthy pregnancy is providing your body with "nutrients for two" in the right balance. This is important for a baby's healthy development and the expectant mother's wellbeing before, during and after pregnancy.

Radiance Multi for Pregnancy is a good way to help meet your special nutritional needs during this very special time, including a higher intake of calcium, chromium, iron, iodine, selenium, folic acid, vitamin K, vitamin C and the B vitamins.

The synergistic blend of finely balanced nutrients make Radiance Pregnancy Multi one of the most comprehensive prenatal products available and it is especially designed to support mother and baby before, during and after pregnancy.

Reproduced unabridged from the October - December 2006 issue of Health and Herbal News, with the kind permission of Health and Herbs International Ltd.

Footnote from Ideal Health:

The following products are all useful before, during and after pregnancy:

Calcium - Magnesium
Eczema Relief
Mother and Baby
Hi Strength Evening Primrose Oil
Clean Lean Protein Vanilla
Flax Bloom Oil
Floradix Formula 250ml
Fully Active Folate
Gentle Iron
Mineral Power
Multi for Pregnancy
Superior Iron
Pregnancy Support
Prenatal DHA
Whey Protein Vanilla
V-Omega 3 + Vitamin D

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Disclaimer: The health information presented here has been written for the New Zealand health consumer. It is of a general nature and is only intended to provide a summary of the subjects covered. The information is not intended to be comprehensive or to provide medical advice to you. While all care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, no responsibility or liability is accepted, and no person should act in reliance on any statement contained in the information provided. All health ailments should be treated by a qualified health professional.


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