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Choose Antiperspirants Carefully

Choose Antiperspirants Carefully

Wednesday, October 4th 2006

Metals including aluminium salts and cadmium have recently been shown to exert estrogen-like effects, while some also promote the growth of breast cancer cells in the laboratory, Dr Philippa D. Darby Ph.D., of the University of Reading in the UK, notes in the Journal of Applied Toxicology.

Can Antiperspirants Cause Cancer?

Dr Darby believes in the mounting evidence that aluminium is a key culprit. Many antiperspirants contain an aluminium-based active ingredient, and new data indicates that ingredient may act like estrogen in your body. Overexposure to estrogen is a major cause of breast cancer?and it makes sense that a lifetime of near constant exposure to an estrogen-like compound could increase that risk.

This research has found that cellular contact with aluminium salts influences the activity of estrogen in the surrounding area. Breasts are the next door neighbors of the armpits, and many antiperspirants contain very large levels of aluminium?some almost 25 percent of the total product volume.

Given the wide variety of other substances that can mimic estrogen, it is possible that aluminium salts and other inorganic estrogen-related compounds called "metalestrogens" can further disrupt normal hormonal signalling within the breast, Darby says.

What is particularly concerning about aluminium, according to Darby, is the fact that it is applied to the underarm, close to the breast, and left on the skin.

However, studies show that aluminium salts can penetrate human underarm skin even if it is unbroken. Women in particular would be wise to take steps to protect themselves.

Jason deodorants do not contain any aluminium, mineral oil, animal by-products, parabens and no animal testing.

Reproduced unabridged from the October - December 2006 issue of Health and Herbal News, with the kind permission of Health and Herbs International Ltd.

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