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Help Combat Viruses and Bacterial Infections

Help Combat Viruses and Bacterial Infections

Friday, July 7th 2006

Many people, particularly during the autumn and winter months, look for a product that will act as both an antibacterial and an antiviral.

Vir- Defence contains patented and trademarked ingredients supported by clinical research. The enteric coating protects the capsule from stomach acid to enable it to deliver its contents through the stomach and into the intestines. This helps to assure full potency and reduces the possibility of the oils repeating.

The following ingredients are also helpful:

Garlic in the form of AlliSure which is the clinically tested, patented and stable form of allicin. It represents the immune supporting nutrients of raw garlic, and is chemically similar to penicillin, though with different physical properties. It has been shown to raise levels of key T-cells to enhance immune system function. Like raw garlic, it has antimicrobial properties.

Elderberry extract, from fruit 50:1 concentrate (equivalent to 2, 500mg of fresh berries of Sambucus nigra); they have strong antioxidant properties, containing flavonoids such as anthocyanidins. They have been studied in relation to inhibition of viral replication and minor inflammations.

Olive leaf extract (Olea Europaea with 18% minimum Oleuropein content); its most important use has been as a way to help the body deal with viruses and undesirable organisms in the vital respiratory and intestinal areas.

Oil of Oregano (wild oregano from Origanum vulgare) contains 55% carvacrol and thymol, which are responsible for much of its antimicrobial activities. It also has some anti-inflammatory effects.

Arabinogalactan (trademarked ImmunEnhancer AG) from Larch tree bark (Larix occidentalis) may help speed the immune system's response to undesirable organisms and is often compared to Echinacea. It has also been shown to promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. It is included as a prebiotic supplement and helps in supporting healthy intestinal flora - a key component of immune response.

Rosemary oil provides antioxidant protection for the capsule contents.

The suggested dosage is one softgel to be taken twice daily with meals.

Reproduced unabridged from the July - September 2006 issue of Health and Herbal News, with the kind permission of Health and Herbs International Ltd.

Footnote from Ideal Health:

As well at the above products, the following products are all useful for viruses & bacterial infections:

Eutherol - Formula 713
Del Immune V
Sambucus Immune System Formula
Vir- Defence
Echinacea with Golden Seal Liquid
Ester C 1000mg + Bioflavonoids
Olive Leaf
Superior Olive Leaf
Inner Health Plus
Una De Gato (Cats Claw)

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