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New Zealanders Need Zinc

New Zealanders Need Zinc

Thursday, August 1st 2002

Zinc is essential for cell growth and immune function. It protects your body and promotes good health. But older forms of zinc supplements don't guard you as well as some of the newer forms of zinc. The newer forms are better absorbed, resist dietary fibre and won't cause anaemia - protecting you both inside and out!

New Zealanders have been encouraged to eat more dietary fibre for many years. Unfortunately fibre inhibits zinc absorption and New Zealand soils are deficient in zinc to start with. Ordinary zinc supplements don 't solve the problem. They can break down easily in the stomach releasing free zinc ions that can bind with fibre, phytates and other food components creating complexes that your body can't absorb.

Patented unique formula

A few years ago, a new form of zinc was patented. Zinc Complex contains zinc monomethionine, a unique complex which acts as a protective shield that resists dietary fibre and increases zinc absorption. Studies show this form of zinc is absorbed better by the body, retained longer and is more effective than other zinc supplements tested.

For years, zinc monomethionine has been a top-selling supplement - in agriculture in America. Bovine studies have consistently shown that zinc monomethionine increases milk production, milk quality and animal health.

Zinc Complex is approved safe for human consumption by the American Food and Drug Agency. Vitamins E, C and beta-carotene have gained in popularity over recent years primarily due to their antioxidant role in the human body. Many scientists now believe that free radical damage can lead to cancer, heart disease, cataracts, arthritis and other chronic diseases as well as premature aging.

The researchers compared the free radical scavenging effects of Zinc monomethionine with vitamins E, C and beta carotene plus other forms of zinc such as zinc oxide, sulphate, citrate, gluconate and picolinate. According to Dr Bagchi, Radiance Zinc Complex was more effective than vitamin C and betacarotene and other forms of zinc tested.

Do I need Zinc?

Yes, if you want to lead a healthy life. Zinc is found in every tissue and fluid in the body. More than 225 enzyme reactions have been identified in which zinc plays a vital role. Because of the constant requirement for zinc in the many enzyme reactions and the limited body reservoirs of this mineral, the turnover of available zinc is rapid. This rapid turnover necessitates a constant intake of zinc especially for the rapidly developing child and in particular humans combating disease or stress. Many people are especially at risk including infants, children, adolescents, pregnant women and seniors. A lack of zinc can compromise the immune system, retard growth, slow wound healing, impair sexual development and reproduction and can lead to dermatitis, hair loss, reduced sense of taste and decreased appetite.

How does my body lose Zinc?

Through exercise, stress and illness. Exercise is an important part of any fitness programme. But exercise actually increases zinc losses from the body. Stress, disease or inflammatory reactions can also cause a significant drop in plasma zinc levels - in some instances down to 25% of normal. During the onset of stress, disease or inflammatory reactions, there is a significant drop in blood plasma zinc. The drop in plasma zinc occurs within a few hours and is frequently observed prior to an elevation in body temperature. If the stress or disease condition is prolonged over several days, the result is negative zinc balance. This depletion is further aggravated by reduced food intake.

Don't I get enough Zinc in my diet?

Many people don't. Studies show that many individuals consume less than the recommended amounts. The problem is even worse for people whose diet is high in fruits and vegetables. High fibre meals reduce zinc absorption to under 3%. And New Zealand soils are deficient in zinc.

Reproduced unabridged from the August-September 2002 issue of Health and Herbal News, with the kind permission of Health and Herbs International Ltd.

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