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Make-Up Risk For Baby Boys - Growth: Study

Friday, February 24th 2006

Baby boys are far more likely to have smaller less-developed genitals if their mothers had high levels of chemicals commonly found in cosmetics, detergents, medicines and plastics, a study has said.

The higher the levels of the chemical compound phthalates in the mothers during the final months of pregnancy, the less masculine their boys were when examined by pediatricians, said the study's lead author, Shanna Swan, a professor of reproductive epidemiology at the University of Rochester.

"We were able to show, even with a relatively small sample, that phthalate-exposed boys have an increased likelihood of a cluster of genital changes."

The infant sons of the high phthalate-level mums had more instances of smaller penises and scrotums and not properly descended testicles, according to the peer-review study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. Boys of highly exposed mums were four to 10 times more likely to have reduced genital development.

The most glaring difference between exposed boys was in the anogenital distance, the measurement from the genitals to the anus. In males it is twice the size of females, and small distances have been shown in animal's studies to indicate reduced testosterone levels.

Nine of the 10 boys exposed to the highest mix of different phthalates had short anogenital distances. Only one of the 11 boys with the least phthalate exposure had a short measurement.

Scientists are concerned that these boys might go into puberty late, be infertile and contract testicular cancer because that's what rats with similar reduced anogenital distances showed, said Earl Gray, a senior research biologist at the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Phthalates are used as plasticisers, solvents, coatings and perfume fixatives.
They are in hundreds of products, including food, packaging, and coatings on time-released medicines, soap, shampoo, nail polish, hair sprays, detergents, and vinyl floor coverings.

Irene Malbin, a spokeswoman for the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association, said "an extensive body of scientific research and data" shows that phthalates in cosmetics are safe.

But environmental groups have been saying otherwise for years.

"If you have a chemical out there that's shown is harming kids, you need to do something about it," said Tim Kropp, a toxicologist for the Environmental Working Group.

Source New Zealand Herald, 1 June 2005

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