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Mouthwashes Create a More Kissable You

Mouthwashes Create a More Kissable You

Sunday, January 1st 2006

While you sleep, less of your cleansing saliva flows, so bacteria in your mouth - the ones that form plaque and cause gingivitis (gum disease) - start working overtime. That's why you wake up with that yucky - smelling morning breath. Mouthwashes contain active ingredients that kill bacteria and prevent them from attaching to your teeth. The result: a more kissable you.

Most mouthwashes and rinses are for use after brushing. Why? Brushing removes the mouthwash from your teeth and thus reduces its effectiveness. Other tips:

· Swish or gargle with a mouthwash for about 30 seconds, then spit it out (don't swallow)
· Don't eat or brush for a half-hour after using a mouthwash.

Nutrismile Mouthwash (2:1 Concentrate)

This is packed with herbal ingredients to help provide daily defence against halitosis, gum disease and bacteria build-up. The ingredients include grapefruit seed extract, witch hazel extract, aloe vera gel, perilla seed extract, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, orange oil, Goldenseal root, Echinacia angustifolia, Calendula, Ginseng. Plus the complete Ester C liquid complex. All of these ingredients work together to provide healing to the gums through their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and cell repair actions. Certified organic ingredients.

All Jason toothpastes and mouthwashes do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, saccharin, alcohol, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, propylene glycol, animal by products, and of course no animal testing.

Nutrismile mouthwash is also available in 50ml Travel size and don't forget the Travel size Nutrismile toothpaste.

Reproduced unabridged from the January - March 2006 issue of Health and Herbal News, with the kind permission of Health and Herbs International Ltd.

Footnote from Ideal Health:

The following products are all useful for Bad Breath :

Childrens Tooth Gel
Grant's Toothpaste Mineral Herbal
Nutrismile Toothpaste
Nutrismile Mouthwash
Oral Fresh Natural Toothgel
Manuka Mouthwash
Inner Health Plus
Liquid Chlorophyll
Plant Gel Toothpaste
Powersmile Toothpaste
PowerSmile Mouthwash
Propolis Toothpaste
Ratanhia Mouthwash
Ratanhia Toothpaste
Snappy Jaws Toothpaste - Strawberry

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Disclaimer: The health information presented here has been written for the New Zealand health consumer. It is of a general nature and is only intended to provide a summary of the subjects covered. The information is not intended to be comprehensive or to provide medical advice to you. While all care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, no responsibility or liability is accepted, and no person should act in reliance on any statement contained in the information provided. All health ailments should be treated by a qualified health professional.


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