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Soothe Your Stomach With Slippery Elm

Soothe Your Stomach With Slippery Elm

Thursday, August 1st 2002

Slippery Elm is from the dried, powdered inner-bark of the North American Red Elm tree. Over the past one hundred years it has been used by both naturopaths and medical professionals. Its main use has been as weaning food for young babies and also as an easily assimilated and soothing gruel for the elderly.

It has proven to be very safe and effective in all these situations. Because of its unique taste, which some people refer to as cardboard, it has now been used in capsule form for over thirty years.

The mucilage which is its greatest contribution therapeutically is of a unique kind, absorbing intestinal fluids but at the same time providing nutrition and in particular calcium phosphate.

Helps whole digestive tract

Slippery Elm has proven very beneficial to the whole digestive tract. It is especially useful for people under stress. Particularly those who feel their life experiences are "digested" After a meal, following a stressful day or event, the stomach may rumble and create excessive gas. This is where Slippery Elm is particularly useful.

If the life stresses are unrelieved for a long period of time, ulcers can arise in various areas of the gastro-intestinal tract causing pain, wind and limits on the types of food that can be eaten. Ulcerative colitis can result and there may be burning and itching of the anus. Added to the food/stress situation may be alcohol which can rapidly worsen the problem. Slippery Elm capsules can help relieve many of these stomach and intestinal symptoms through coating the lining. However, it is critical that lifestyle changes be made including making sure that food is only eaten in a pleasant and non-stress environment.

Reproduced unabridged from the August/September 2002 issue of Health and Herbal News, with the kind permission of Health and Herbs International Ltd.

Footnote from Ideal Health:

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