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Jason Tea Time

Jason Tea Time

Saturday, April 2nd 2005

Anti-Aging Moisturizing Créme With 100% certified Green Tea Extract

Say goodbye to free radical aged and damaged skin, say hello to younger looking, softer-feeling skin. Your waterproof coat (skin) undergoes remarkable changes from babyhood softness to mature laugh lines. These natural skin cycles respond to conscientious daily nurturing resulting in glowing healthy skin.

This Jason moisturizer is rich in natural botanicals and essential oils for optimum nourishment and skin protection.

Jason Tea Time Moisturizing Créme has a smooth, light and creamy texture that is enriched with Green Ta extract, Beta-Carotene and Pro-Vitamins A, C and E which all provide long lasting, moisture retention.

The Stages of Ageing Skin

Aged in the Twenties
Breaking out isn't hard to do. Blemish-proof your skin by keeping it clean, nourished and protected with a daily skin care regimen which includes Jason Tea Time Moisturizing Créme.

Aged in the Thirties and Forties

The skin cell renewal process declines along with elastin, collagen and sebaceous gland production. During this time, your skin requires exfoliation to remove dead skin cells as well as penetrating moisturizing creams such as Jason Tea Time Moisturizing Créme to replenish skin tissue.

Aged in the Fifties and beyond

Sun overexposure, poor diet, hormone loss and stress contribute to thinning, uneven skin. Nutritive ingredients and specialty treatments are necessary to enhance cellular rejuvenation and repair mature skin. Jason Tea Time Moisturizing Créme is ideal when spending time outdoors including pursuits such as gardening and playing sport such as tennis, bowls and beach activities.

What are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are often talked about but not many people know what they are or what they do. Free radicals, whose attacks last less than a millisecond, are believed by many researchers to be the bottom line of aging and many skin problems and other diseases including overly sensitive skin, skin sclerosis and fibrosis, keloids, hyper- and hypo pigmentation, acne, arthritis, cellulite and dandruff.

Reproduced unabridged from the April - June 2005 issue of Health and Herbal News, with the kind permission of Health and Herbs International Ltd.

Footnote from Ideal Health:

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