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Healthy Immunity: Use and Recommend Sambucol Year-Round

Healthy Immunity: Use and Recommend Sambucol Year-Round

Thursday, May 6th 2004

Sambucol® black elderberry extract is certainly one of the most widely used winter season remedies. But what about using it year round?

"I am frequently asked if Sambucol® can be taken throughout the year to support healthy immunity," says Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu, world renowned virologist and developer of Sambucol®. In response I made the Sambucol® Immune System Formula, which combines my clinically effective black elderberry extract with known immune supporters Echinacea, zinc and Vitamin C." This formula can be safely recommended for children and adults.

The Sambucol story: More powerful than chicken soup

It began in the early 1980's when Madeleine Mumcuoglu, a French educated Israeli virologist, was offered to do her Ph.D. in Switzerland. Her supervisor had around 70 kilo's of elderberries in his freezer and was curious to verify if their traditional use could be scientifically supported.

Discovering the Secret - Unique Profile

Elderberry had long been used as a traditional folk remedy. But how it worked was not known. "We began the slow process of cataloguing components within the berries," explains Dr Mumcuoglu. "That's when we identified the two components responsible for the fruit's health promoting benefits. We then perfected a method of extraction."

Clinical Proof

Ten years passed as Dr Mumcuoglu went on to cancer research at Israel's Hadassah-Hebrew University. By 1992, she returned to elderberry when her unique Sambucol® extract was used in a breakthrough flu study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. (1995)

No Competition

"I've tested a lot of elderberry extracts, but have yet to find one with the same chemical profile or level of activity as Sambucol®.'' Other elderberry brands make claims based on Sambucol® science, rather than conduct clinical trials on their own products. However, laboratory analysis shows that they are chemically different than Sambucol®, and thus may not provide the same results.

Real Research References

Sambucol® is the actual elderberry extract used in numerous clinical and laboratory studies. The list that follows is a sampling of the research to date.

1. Randomized study of Efficacy and safety of oral Elderberry Extract in Treatment of Influenza A & B Virus Infections. School of Medicine, University of Oslo & National Health Institute, Oslo, Norway; Accepted for publication in the Journal of International Medical Research (2003) Researchers: Thom E, Wollan J, Wadstein J.
2. The Effect of Sambucol®, a Black Elderberry based, Natural Product, on the production of Human Cytokines: European Cytokine Network 2001; 12; 1:290-296 Researchers: Barak V, Halperin T, Kalickman I.
3. Inhibition of Several Strains of Influenza Virus in Vitro and Reduction of Symptoms by an Elderberry Extract (Sambucus nigra L.) During an Outbreak of Influenza B Panama. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 1995; 1;4:361-369. Researchers: Zakay-Rones Z, et al.

Reproduced unabridged from the April - June 2004 issue of Health and Herbal News, with the kind permission of Health and Herbs International Ltd.

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