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Natural Allergy Insurance

Natural Allergy Insurance

Sunday, October 3rd 2004

Herbs and nutritional supplements can help support the immune system and provide urgent allergic relief.

An allergy is an inappropriate response by the body's immune system to a substance that is not normally harmful. In children who are allergy prone, the body begins to build up antibodies. Then, upon a second contact with the allergy causing substance, these antibodies cause certain immune cells to release powerful chemicals called antihistamines. This is a normal reaction. But when the invader is otherwise harmless material - as pollen, dust, cat hair, milk and grains are for people without allergic sensitivities - then the reaction is inappropriate and possibly dangerous.

Nature's Way HAS capsules (yellow label) (Hayfever, Allergies, Sinus) is a herbal formula that acts as an antihistamine and provides a natural soothing decongestant action for the irritated nasal passages. Other herbs in the combination help relieve the watery nature of hayfever and relieve itchy eyes. It includes Brigham Tea herb to help unblock and remove sinus congestion; Burdock root aids skin, kidney and bladder problems, Cayenne fruit assists the heart and circulation and helps the absorption of other herbs; Cleavers herb is soothing, relaxing and a powerful diuretic; Elecampane root assists coughs, catarrh, lungs and chest; Goldenseal root for inflammation of the mucous membranes; Marshmallow root coats the mucosa and soothes and relieves coughs; Parsley herb is a carminative and diuretic; Rosemary herb for headaches and to help clear the head - No wonder it works!

Developed by Dr John R. Christopher over 40 years ago, Nature's Way HAS formula is one of the pre-eminent allergy formulas in use today. It is specially formulated for long term use to strengthen the mucous membranes and prevent them from over reacting to allergens, and is frequently known to permanently alter allergic response.

Reproduced unabridged from the October - December 2004 issue of Health and Herbal News, with the kind permission of Health and Herbs International Ltd.

Footnote from Ideal Health:

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