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Garlic, An Ancient Herb for Good Health

Garlic, An Ancient Herb for Good Health

Wednesday, June 25th 2003

A clove a day may keep the doctor away but it may also keep your friends away.

Garlic is almost unanimously accepted internationally for its beneficial properties. Even the general media has acknowledged the proven antifungal, antibacterial, anti-cholesterol and immune supporting effects of garlic as well as possibly being the key to a healthy heart. It has long been used in traditional Ayurveda medicine to enhance sluggish digestion, treat diarrhoea caused by intestinal infection, reduce malabsorption and help stomach ulcers. It has now been shown to act as a very useful blood thinning agent. Many people use it effectively pre-winter to help prevent colds, bronchitis and other infections.

The major drawback has always been its odour. Ironically, one of the compounds that make garlic so beneficial is also responsible for its characteristic aroma. The compound allicin is acknowledged worldwide by international researchers, as the key to garlic's advantageous properties but it is also very unstable. Successfully deodorising garlic is a very tricky business. Most deodorising processes break down the essential allicin compound, which removes the odour but also destroys much of the beneficial activity that is found in fresh garlic. So although "deodorised" garlic may not smell, it may not provide many health benefits either.

Breakthrough Creates a Better Garlic

Over twelve years ago, one company lead the way by producing an odour controlled garlic product that retains all the activity of fresh garlic. Nature's Way developed a process called FreshGar. This exclusive process is used to produce the worlds leading enteric-coated garlic products Garlicin®, Garlicin HC® and Garlicn CF®.

This truly unique process gently processes garlic so it retains more of its active ingredients, including alliin and allinase. When these ingredients combine in the intestines they produce the allicin. A natural stabilising step is employed to help the garlic in Garlicin retain its potency. No artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives are used. Above all, the enteric coating on Garlicin protects it through the stomach so it dissolves in the intestines. This prevents the "bounce-back" of flavour and odour from the stomach that some other garlic products may create.

So how effective is Garlicin in acting like fresh garlic? The evidence is very supportive. Extensive laboratory testing has demonstrated that Garlicin retains more of the natural antimicrobial action of fresh garlic.

Reproduced unabridged from the April- June 2003 issue of Health and Herbal News, with the kind permission of Health and Herbs International Ltd.

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